Bank holidays is an enshrined tradition in UK, Commonwealth countries and Ireland (and Hong Kong!). When can you find a better time to party than when the banks are closed? We know that many of you are itching for an opportunity to get out of the country for the holidays. So here are 5 bank holiday destinations that we humbly recommend.

  1. Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic has seen lot of history – and you can see a lot of it in the city, especially downtown! Besides, Prague isn’t that far as far as plane rides go. You’ll be immediately immersed into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. If you visit the amazing Prague castle, you’ll also get to see the St. Vitus cathedral, which is the most impressive church in a city brimming with impressive churches (all of them open for visits).

And if you don’t fancy climbing to the top of that hill – though you should really use public transport – you can always stay in the old town. What can you see there? The famous Charles Bridge, of course, which is actually all it’s cracked up to be. It’s also bookended by amazing medieval towers. Once you get tired of sight-seeing, you can always enjoy one of the famous local beers or visit an opera.

Bank Holidays
  1. Toulouse

When bank holidays roll in, use the opportunity to have a quick jaunt in France. Toulouse is very much a fitting option for the people who want to gaze at historical marvels. The city boasts a unique architecture of terracotta bricks. This has earned it the nickname of la Ville Rose – “the Pink City.”

One of the spots you definitely need to visit is the Capitole de Toulouse – the capitol’s interiors date back to 16th century and many of the design decisions are if not historical, then historically inspired. There’s also the famous Toulouse Cathedral, designated a UNESCO site in 1998. You can also marvel at the Canal de Midi, which winds its way through the city. Want something more modern? Then visit Cité de l’espace – Space City – which is a theme park dedicated to space exploration. Seeing a full-scale model of Mir space station? Yes, please!

  1. Tenerife

Trade the Albion islands for the Canary islands! Specifically, fly to the sunny Tenerife, the largest and the most populous of the lot. If you are a couple of party animals out to have a great time (that you probably won’t remember save for a few blurry Instagram selfies), you could do worse than choosing Playa de las Americas. It has beaches (with sand imported from Sahara), it’s has wonderful streets, it has parties!

However, if you’re a couple of parents with some children, you should go to Costa Adaje. The resort is a lot more family friendly. And even if Playa de las Americas has a water park, it doesn’t have the Siam Park, which TripAdvisor users declared to be the best in the world. If you want to see some nature, then the volcanic-interior of the island is just an hour long bus-ride away.

  1. Cape Town

This is a bit of a ways away, with a 12 hour flight, but it’s worth it. For one, it’s only one hour away from your native time zone, so you won’t even feel jetlagged. And you will have travelled to another continent, hooray! But Cape Town has more to offer than just the location. The place is a cultural melting pot, with Africans and Europeans rubbing elbows with the errant penguin that pops up at the beach.

If you don’t want to spent time cruising cafes – rumored to even sell antique motorbikes – and looking for pop up concerts, you can try to go for the more cultural bend. Zeic MOCAA is a museum of contemporary African art and it’s stationed in a majestically transformed former grain silo. Hey, if you’re lucky, you might even get a room at The Silo, the super stylish hotel that shares the building!

  1. Iceland

You know what? Heat and warm weather is for squares. Harken to the Nordic roots of the Normans that conquered Britain and go to Iceland. Providing that no volcano suffers a cataclysmic eruption, you’ll be quickly whisked away into this paradise of Scandinavian living in the Atlantic Ocean. The flight is only three hours, which beats the heck out of however long it took to get there on a drakkar.

This tiny nation of 300,000 can show you the sights. For one, Iceland boasts majestic natural landscapes that could launch a thousand The Lord of The Rings imitators. Even if you don’t want stray far from Reykjavik – the capital and the only major city with a pronounceable name – you can still visit the Rauðhólar’s red craters and the artificially heated beach of Nauthólsvík. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see an arctic fox, the only non-imported mammal on the island, or one of elves that some Icelanders still feel the need to placate with gifts.

And if the airlines do mess up your plans by delaying or cancelling flights, or booting you out because of overbooking, remember that Skycop is the compensation company ready to help you. Every hour counts in during these short bank holidays and you deserve all the compensation you can get for these disruptions!

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