Not all of our holidays can be week-long (or even longer). Sometimes, you only have three days – a weekend and a national holiday bookending it. So what can an aspiring traveler do in paltry three days? Why, you can still travel, of course.

  1. Paris

If you’re going for a short vacation, why not go for the city which will positively overwhelm you with sights? Flights within Europe are kinda cheap, just get an AirBnB and explore the downtown… well, when it’s not burning down due to protests.

Even visiting the Eiffel tower makes it worth visiting the city. And there are so many other sights, too, like the Louvre, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Catacombs… You can also immerse yourself in the culinary delights that the city offers, too. Just don’t get stuck with a flight delay and you’ll have three days of French fun.

  1. Regional Travel

Why not get to know your neck of the woods? I’m sure they have many more sights to offer than you realise, and they’re basically in your own back yard! You probably don’t even need to fly (offer void to Americans), so there’s little risk of cancelled flights getting in the way of your fun.

For an added bonus, don’t use your home as a hub and find lodging somewhere out there. You won’t have to waste time going back and forth to your place. That and not sleeping in your own bed every day will make it feel more like a true holiday – especially since you won’t be bothered by any of the pesky chores that may arise from being back home. It’s a win-win!

  1. Amsterdam

Another European capital that’s always worth a visit, Amsterdam is an almost time-sensitive location to visit (you know, before rising sea levels break the dams and really put “Nether” into “Netherlands”). It’s a historical city with many sights to offer.

And even if you’re not a history buff, you can always try taking a cruise to gawk at the amazing architecture of the town. And why not go for a bike ride around the town? That’s what the Dutch do and so should you. In the end, you can even visit the Red Lights district to recapture that “reading Playboy under the bedsheets to hide from parents” feeling of your teenage years.

  1. Prague

If you want to just chill for three days, visit Prague! The city offers enough architectural monuments that you can spend your time just idly wandering in the old town, craning your neck. It’s so pretty it’s actually ostentatious.
You should also reserve a day for the Prague Castle, the biggest ancient castle in the world. Even if you’re jaded from all the architectural splendour of the old town, the Saint Vitus cathedral will still leave you floored – and it’s only a single part of the castle ensemble!

  1. Explore Your Own City

How familiar are you with the sights of your city? Chances are, you’re not really an expert on all of the locations at your hometown. This holds especially true if the last time you visited one site or the other as a child – you probably remember the barest scraps of the information!

So imagine yourself as a tourist in your own home town. Put the map in front of you and mark out all the places that you should really visit. Don’t forget to search for spots that may be obscure, but still very cool. Leave early, return late, imagine yourself as a couch surfer who doesn’t have to sleep on the couch!

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