World Sleep Day is coming! I hope you’ll sleep well. To commemorate this occasion, we’re giving you some tips on how to count sheep and catch z’s in the air.

  1. Before the booking: consider red-eye flights

For those not in the know, a red-eye flight is a flight (duh) that departs at night and lands in the morning. It is presumably named after the redness of your eyes after you spend a night on a plane. Hopefully, you won’t lose any sleep if you follow this guide.

More than that, trying to sleep on a red-eye flight is actually easier for your metabolism. After all, you’re flying at night! Your body is ready to be asleep! Even the lights dim in the cabin and there’s no sunshine trying to squeeze in from the inside. So yeah, good sleep on a flight starts from booking (and hoping there will be no flight delays).

  1. Seating matters

People will argue ceaselessly about the merits of choosing one seat over the other. We’re going to assume that you’re flying economy, so you’re dealing with limited space. A seat in the front isle might give you more leg room while one in the back might limit your reclining potential. Also, bathrooms like to live in the back end of plane cabins, and they naturally attract hustle, bustle, sounds and odors.

If you’re not the type who gets up for bathroom breaks often, it’s best to get a window seat. You won’t be bothered by all the traffic going up and down the aisle and you’ll be able to control the blinds. Next, you should ask the person behind you how much can you recline the seat.If the whole aisle is empty, feel free to lie down.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

Look, air travel isn’t comfortable. You don’t have that much space, you always at risk of experiencing cancelled flights, the air temperature in the cabin is always strange, there’s likely children crying somewhere… Don’t burden your body even more with uncomfortable clothing!

For your clothing, this means going with loose and less restrictive over whatever form-fitting spandex you wear every day. You might even consider taking slippers to wear on the flight. If you don’t want that, you take your shoes off to get more comfortable – just make sure your socks/feet don’t stink or look like a prop from a horror movie. You have to be mindful of your neighbors, you know!

  1. No screens and no chili

It would help your chances of sleeping if you prepared your body beforehand. For one thing, this means eating light and not indulging in any spicy foods before your flight. This means that your body will be less disturbed with digestion and more ready to sleep.

You know what also hurts your odds of meeting Morpheus in the air? Screens. Everyone is telling you how you’re ruining your sleeping patterns by staring at the phone or laptop in bed. Same applies to the plane! Put down the phone once you’re on board, shut off that screen and go to sleep.

  1. Get some sleeping gear

It helps if you have a pillow and a blanket. Sure, the airline might give those out, but do you trust their cleanliness? Plus, when you have your own pillow and blanket, you can guarantee that they’re the right size/model/ethically made. Oh, an by the way: buckle your, er, belt over the blanket so that the flight attendant wouldn’t want to wake you up to ask you if you have it on.

You should also consider eye covers and hearing protection. There will still be some light and sounds on a plane, so you should seek to cancel those out. It is known that babies don’t really stop crying randomly until they’re about 5 – 92 years old, so be mindful of that.

Of course, nothing interferes with your sleeping plans quite as much as flight disruptions. Delayed flights, cancelled flights, overbooking – all of these can happen to you. But you shouldn’t lose sleep over them (ha) – just claim compensation via Skycop! With up to €600 available in compensation, you can buy some impenetrable eye covers!

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