There’s really nothing particularly novel about going to Paris or Venice on Valentine’s day. Everyone’s doing it (well, as long as they have the cash). So why not turn your celebration of love into a romantic trip down some of the loveliest roads in the world?

  1. The Romantic Road, Germany

Romantic Road, running for 400 km Würzburg and Füssen is a must in any listicle on the topic. Come on, it’s even in the name! Explore the best of Bavaria and the oldest, best known holiday route via car, bicycle, bus or maybe even on foot!

The origin point of Würzburg offers the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site of Würzburg Residenz. Once you leave the city, you follow the Taubertal valley to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a small town of half-timbered houses guarded by medieval gates sits in an undeveloped river landscape. Dinkelsbühl, further down the road, has a preserved medieval old town. You should definitely plan to make a stop here. Other sights include Nördlingen, a town built in an old meteorite crater. Then it’s on to castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, and other beautiful features!

  1. The NC500, Scotland

Scotland is a harsh place, but it doesn’t mean it’s not romantic, especially when you don’t have to be on the lookout for marauding redcoats! NC500 winds its way around 516-mile of Scottish coastline. This baby takes 5-7 days to complete and you’re advised to consider camping.

Along the way, you will see ruined castles, white sand beaches, whisky distilleries, and other majestic sights of Scottish nature and industry. You may see salmons leading upstream or visit the best dolphin-watching spot in the country. The route might be only three years old, but it’s steeped in history!

  1. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Back to Italy and closer to the more mainstream understanding of a romantic trip with the Amalfi Coast. UNESCO has deemed it to be an exemplary example of the Mediterranean landscape. You will be travelling down the roads, with Lattari mountains one side and Tyrrhenian sea on the other.

Along the road, you will get your fill of ancient churches and cathedrals as well as sandy beaches. Make sure to enjoy the local limoncello liqueur, as it’s one of the ways to make locally cultivated lemons into something enjoyable!

  1. The Ring Road, Iceland

The Icelandic Ring Road is one of the few trips that will allow you to circle a country! It’s 1,332 kilometres long (828 miles), which means you’ll see everything but Westfjords and Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Even better: it connects Reykjavik and Akureyri, the second biggest city, so you know it’s a route that’s easy to each.

Along the way, you’ll geysers (erupting), volcanoes (active), hot springs (tourist-filled), lava fields, glaciers and more. Do you want Northern lights AND waterfalls? Those are the things you can see in Iceland! If you want to make a dip that’s not as tourist-filled as the more famous ones, don’t forget to visit the lake Myvatn Nature Baths or the relatively unknown Seljavallalaug swimming pool!

  1. The Basque Circuit, Spain & France

Back to the warm south of Europe with the Basque Circuit that runs 480km from Bilbao, Spain to Biarritz, France. And as scientists have proven, there no more romantic trips than those in the most Latin of European countries! Start off with the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, visit Basilica de Begona and tell your friend’s that you visited Dragonstone from Game of Thrones after going to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe hermitage.

More stops along the way will allow you to immerse yourself in Basque culture or, at the very least, culinary arts. Visit a pintxo (popular snack) bar San Sebastian and have yourself some Gilda, the city’s well known dish that combines anchovies, pepper and olive pintxo dish. Wash down the memories of eating anchovies with some Txakoli – Basque wine.

  1. Route Napoléon, France

No, this does not mean that you’ll have to march from Paris to Moscow and back again! That wouldn’t be romantic at all! Nay, Route Napoléon, opened in 1932, follows Napoleon in 1815, as he travelled from his Exile in Elba to Grenoble. Coincidentally, he marched through some of the best French countrysides, and that’s why people love the route to this day.

Well, that and a soupçon of monarchist tendencies.

Route Napoleon starts at Golfe Juan, which is dotted by seaside resorts and crystal clear beaches, which are always good for romantic getaways. It then passes the French Alps and eventually ends up in Paris. You could it in a day, sure, but you might as well take your time. For example, why not visit Castellane, with its terraced restaurants and hat shops? You don’t need to fight the Seventh Coalition, you can take your time!

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