“Blue Monday” is that song you heard on Atomic Blonde and you swear that it is better than the original. Blue Monday is also considered the saddest day of the year, at least according to a Sky Travel formula published in 2005. I can’t attest for its veracity, but I can tell you about ways you can turn your saddest Monday of the year into something fun.

  1. Lay off the social media

Twitter, Facebook, Mammoth, Vkontakte – these are the ways we can reach out to people around the world so that they could make us feel miserable. So how about quitting social media at least for the day? Sure, bad things will continue to happen around the world, but at least you will be spared horrible takes on said things.

We have all heard that social media induces depression in many ways, like making you constantly compare yourself to others. It also causes anxiety, poorer sleep habits, inattention, hyperactivity and other terrible conditions. Recent studies even show that the higher instances of teen girl depression as compared to teen boys ties into their more extensive social media use. So maybe you shouldn’t, at least for a day.

  1. Give yourself a kick with music

So now that your phone has gone silent and bereft of notifications, what can you do with it? Why not listen to some music? Search of the 100 Most Uplifting Songs Ever playlist on Spotifty and jam to some upbeat beats (or just collect new ammo for being grumpy on September 22nd, A Regular Day That’s Not Really Special).

If you don’t like Spotify, you can totally get on YouTube and find the “happy/motivational songs” playlist by Justin Peluso. It has 122 songs that should keep you going  until Tuesday. Just don’t read the comments, for the love of God, don’t read the comments!

  1. Turn disruptions into money

Say, are you a person that travels on planes? So, on this Blue Monday, remember that one (or possibly several) time when your flight got delayed or even cancelled – or maybe it was overbooked and you had to stay off the plane. Why would you do that on the saddest of days?

Because there are chances to turn those past disappointments into future money. That’s right, on Skycop.com (where have I heard that name before), you quite easily check if disrupted flights you had the misfortune of experiencing are eligible. Just fill out the form and gain up to €600 in compensation. Take that, Blue Monday and/or airlines!

  1. Reconnect with an old friend

Filling out a Skycop form doesn’t take the whole day (or so I am told), so you’ll still have time to mope about the Worst Monday Blues after you do it. That’s why you should distract yourself by trying to reconnect with old friends. That way, you might brighten their day, too.

To do that, you’ll probably need your phone. Don’t skip straight to Messenger, Viber or some other app. Did you know that we used to make phone calls and send text messages with those things? You can take partake in this ancient method of communication too! Or do one better: if your friend is somewhere nearby (but just out of your usual frame of mind), why not go see them in person?

  1. Do some physical activity

OK, this goes against every (flabby, atrophied, pale) fibre of my being, but you can also engage in physical activity. Blue Monday is all about depression, but some sages and soothsayers maintain that activity actually makes you happier. Whether it’s because of some hormones it releases or the simple fact that you’re glad that it’s over, it works.

So if your January 21st is bereft of snow and subzero temperatures, go for a run. Or you can exercise at home – jumping jacks will get your heart racing. Maybe shovel some snow if you’re reading this before climate change boils us dead. You might just go for a walk, possibly with an old friend you just reconnected with. And if you’re listening to happy songs, why not dance like nobody’s watching?

  1. Book a trip

This one depends on how savvy you are, and on your financial situation not being an endless hole of misery. Simply put, use Blue Monday as an excuse to book an exciting trip. Go online, search for cheap tickets, book AirBnBs that look suspiciously good for their price (it’s probably because of all the cockroaches being camera shy) and just daydream the day away.

After all, it takes constant vigilance to keep abreast in the newest developments in the area of discounted tickets. And if you’re going with the flow, you might even end up flying somewhere you have never thought of going. What’s this, a hint of spontaneity in your life? Yes, that is possible.

However, I’m near contractually obligated to tell you that flights both cheap and expensive can be disrupted by delays, cancellations and overbookings. Have no fear, though: those will happen once you’re well clear of Blue Monday… and there’s a chance that they will be worth compensation under EC 261/2004. Fill a claim via Skycop and you won’t even have to engage in protracted battles against the airline! Our experienced team will do it for you!

Happy Blue Monday!

Claim compensation now!

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