You probably love your pets, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t have them! It’s not like a statistically-significant number of you are caught in generational curses or bizarre inheritance schemes. It stands to reason that you would like to travel with your pets, too. So here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in the world.

  1. Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is rated as the most dog-friendly city in the US, so it makes sense that it would have at least one dog-friendly hotel. The rooftop of Hotel Nikko was turned into a terrace where you can have a dog run. If you want to throw a tennis ball, one will be provided by the hotel. Nikko even has an in-hotel dog working as the “Canine Operating Officer.” It’s kinda pricey, but most of the hotels on the list are.

  1. The Langham Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Once you internalize the fact that “best friend hotels” are “really expensive hotels,” you can easily have fun at The Langham. It’s in Sydney and it claims to be the only luxury hotel in the city to accept pets. Via their “Pampered Pets Program,” your rizen schnauzer Pangolin will get dedicated room service. The dishes feature fresh produce, and no onion, garlic or acid. You also get a bag of gourmet treats when checking in, and the animals get a plush bed and food bowls. No dogs over 20kg and no leaving it unaccompanied in the room, tho!

  1. 12 Apostles Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

This Biblically named hotel doesn’t allow dogs taller than knee height and they can’t go into the restaurant (service dogs are allowed in the Leopard Bar, tho). However, the place is very posh otherwise and offers some choice meals for our little friends. And you can have great walks and picnics at the nearby mountains. How does your cat feel about salmon with scrambled eggs?

  1. Hotel Cappuccino, Seoul, South Korea

You there! Put down that tired joke about eating dogs! Hotel Cappuccino will have none of that. However, you can only bring up to two dogs weighing up to 10 kilos each. They will be provided with sleeping gowns and teeth cleaning products. And as part of their Cappuccino Shared Value social responsibility scheme, the income from their Bark Rooms (rooms designed for your stay with your dog) is donated to the Korea Animal Rights Advocates.

  1. The Ace Hotel, London, England

The Ace Hotel in trendy Shoreditch in East London is but one of this line of hip hotels. The neighborhood is lovely and even the standard rooms in the hotel are pet-friendly. One dog is allowed at no charge – but not to the bar or restaurant. You’ll also be provided with blankets and bowls.

  1. Ohtel Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand

The Ohtel in Wellington is very proud of its anagram name, but also of the awards it has collected. If you book the studio room, you can bring in your dog – for an extra charge, of course. On the other hand, if you want to show NZ to your bet, there’s no better place to stay at.

  1. Yufuin Garden Hotel, Ōita, Japan

Ever wanted to take your dog to a Japanese hot spring bath? Yufuin Garden Hotel offers you that option since the entire hotel is very much dog-oriented. Dog cafe, dog exercise area, dog hairdresser… whatever you do, just don’t bring a cat.

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