Air France flights were disrupted by a strike action

French flag carrier Air France announced that due to several Air France staff unions call for strike on Thursday 22 February 2018, flights schedule would be disrupted. Pilots and ground crew actions will affect about 50% of long-haul flights out of Paris on thursday, because Air France staff joined to industrial action to secure higher wages.

Air France has informed that it will secure 75% of all normal flights, of which 75% will be medium-haul flights to and from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and 85% of its short-haul flights.

According to the information provided by Air France, in order to ensure the maximum number of flights with its reduced crew, there is a possibility that the number of passengers on board some of Air France flights will be limited, meaning that will not be able to comply all bookings.

As french airlines informs, passengers can also expect disruptions and delays. Flights from airports around France, including Toulouse and Lyon, to Paris will also be hit.

„It’s every manager’s responsibility to coordinate their staff so that best possible results would be accomplished. Seeing the trend of strikes, we believe, that the current exemption of strikes must be reconsidered. Because yet we see that air passenger law has made an exception for aviation executives,“ explains the CEO of flight compensation company SKYCOP, Marius Stonkus. „For now, we are planning to go all the way into talks with the European Commission over the ways the law will better suit current aviation market and its tendencies. We are always ready to fight for passengers rights.“

Skycop flight compensation

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