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A flight was delayed for 3+ hours

Did you know that an averagely sized plane can accommodate about 200 passengers while some Boeings can carry up to 600 air travellers?
We do understand that it is a huge responsibility to safely carry such a large number of passengers to their destination. We also fully understand that it is always better to wait a few extra minutes rather than risk losing lives. However, we know for a fact, that most delays could be easily avoided if only airlines were better equipped to manage their resources. And that's why you should receive due compensation if your flight is delayed for 3+ hours.

A flight was cancelled

Sometimes it is simply impossible to take off due to the so called “superior force” or force majeure. However, be aware that in practice only a small percentage of flights is cancelled due to serious safety and security issues.
And there is no excuse for airlines to cancel your flight for no good reason. So if your flight is being cancelled less than 14 days before the set departure, do not hesitate and fill in the application form now. You are entitled to a fair compensation!

You were denied boarding

Most of us learned how to count back in primary school and we keep using this essential skill on a daily basis. However, sometimes one may get the impression that some airline employees have skipped their math classes altogether!

We know how frustrating and annoying it is to be stuck in an airport simply because some tired or absent-minded airline employee has miscalculated seats on an airplane. Moreover, it is a common practice for airlines to overbook flights in order to increase sales and earn more money. So if something like that has happened to you, do not wait any longer and apply for due compensation!

Some facts

flights are cancelled globally every month.
self-submitted claims are rejected by airlines.
Europeans have experienced a delayed or a cancelled flight.

Have delayed for 3+ hours or cancelled flights?

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