Remember when Gatwick was closed due to drone activity? That happened in Dubai, too! Today, Dubai International Airport had to suspend operations for 30 minutes due to suspicious drones flying about.

An Ural Airlines’ flight from Barnaul to Moscow experienced a delay of almost two hours after the stairs leading to the plane collapsed. According to the sources, six passengers were injured, four of them were hospitalized.

A Lufthansa Cityline flight from Munich (Germany) to Luxembourg (Luxembourg) was climbing out of Munich when the crew noticed a fuel pressure problem. The plane stopped climbing and and landed back in Munich 30 minutes after departure.

A Ryanair flight from Glasgow to Malaga on Valentine’s Day had to land at Madrid because of a fistfight that broke out on board. Witnesses described them rascals as “definitely drunk.”

An Air Canada flight from Geneva (Switzerland) to Montreal,QC (Canada) was bandly interrupted during the climb when the tower advised that there was black smoke coming out of the left engine. While the crew declared PAN PAN (radio code for “urgency” – not as bad as “mayday”), the plane touched down 45 minutes after departure. The flight was then cancelled.

A Flydubai Boeing 737-800 was climbing out of Dubai for their flight from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Jazan (Saudi Arabia) when they noticed that an engine ingested a bird. The engines were fine – however, the cabin crew reported smoke in the cabin. The plane returned to Dubai. A replacement Boeing 737-800 reached Jazen about 4 hours late.

An Aeromexico flight London (UK) to Mexico City (Mexico) had to turn around 35nm southeast of Isle of Man (UK) as the crew reported a cabin air compressor failure. They landed in London about 50 minutes later.

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