On Monday, an Air Canada flight from Halifax to Toronto had to divert to New Brunswick because of the snow. The passengers were stuck on the runway for 8 hours, so the pilot did what the airline should have and ordered 23 pizza pies.

An Easyjet plane was climbing from Glasgow to fly to Belfast Aldergrove when the air traffic controller told them that hydraulic fluid was found on the taxiway. The plane landed back in Glasgow for maintenance.

On the 5th, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing was flying Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) to Dublin (Ireland) when, while over the Red Sea, the crew signalled emergency, and turned back for Addis Ababa, where it landed 2 hours and 20 minutes later. A new plane took the passengers to Dublin with a delay of 6 hours and minutes. Since Ethiopian is claiming minor technical problem, this seems claimable!

An Air India Boeing was taking off from Delhi to fly to Frankfurt/Main when the crew stopped the climb. They cited cabin pressure issues, performed a rapid descent and released passenger oxygen masks. The flight landed back in the Delhi and was postponed to the next day.

Again on the 5th, a TAP Air Portugal flight from Lisbon (Portugal) to Bologna (Italy) was already in the Spanish airspace when the crew decided to turn back due to a hydraulic leak. A replacement flight reached Bologna with a delay of 4 hours and 20 minutes.

An Eurowings Airbus had to divert from its flight from Faro (Portugal) to Vienna (Austria) to Toulouse because of a cracked windshield. The plane landed without issue, though the passengers (rightfully) complained over being stuck on the Toulouse runway.

The Underestimated Contributions of Women in Aviation History
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The Underestimated Contributions of Women in Aviation History