Only a few months passed after Italian air traffic controllers were on strike. Now they are going to hold on strike for one more day – on May 8th. The majority of Italian airports will be affected, so passengers who have plans to travel from or to Italy next Tuesday should be aware and check their flight status.

Travel delays and cancellations can be expected from 10:00 until 18:00 (local time). Therefore, passengers should prepare for all kind of disruptions at the Italian airports: longer queues at the check-in, security, and baggage drop-off checkpoints are unavoidable. In accordance with Italian law, minimum levels of services must be guaranteed during the mentioned nationwide strikes.

National strike of aviation industry in Italy

“A number of strikes is increasing every year. Unfortunately, passengers usually have their flights delayed or even cancelled because of the strike actions. But even during this kind of flight disruptions passengers have their rights. Carriers need to take care of their customers according to the EC 261/2004 regulation,” comments Marius Stonkus, the CEO of flight compensation company Skycop.