After few months of continuous debate with the most popular low cost airline Ryanair, today three Italian worker unions announced that they will be going on strike for four hours Saturday – February 10th. The decision, causing cancelled flights across Italy comes from the Cgil, Cisl and Uil unions, however, does not involve country’s main pilots union – ANPAC.

More flight delays & other disturbances has been avoided since the ANPAC has managed to go into talks with the budget carrier over increased pay and other benefits for airline pilots, flight attendants and other Ryanair employees.

Ryanair staff has mobilised all across Europe after the scandal in September, when the Irish LCC said to have messed up pilots‘ holidays schedules causing flight delays, flight cancellations all over EU, in total affecting around 20 000 flights.

Skycop flight compensation

“The Ryanair “fault” should have cost the carrier around €53 million in flight compensations. However, the situation was well-though through, thus not a lot of people received their flight compensations, which should’ve been from €250 to €600,” explains the CEO of flight compensation company SKYCOP, Marius Stonkus. “Now we are once again in a situation that is challenging for the travellers and easy for the airline. The EU law treats airline staff strikes as an extraordinary circumstance, leaving people whose flight was delayed or cancelled without a proper flight compensation. This is insane, knowing that unions announced about the planned strikes back in December 2017.”

Airline strikes: how much longer should passengers suffer?
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Airline strikes: how much longer should passengers suffer?