Due to the Shinmoedake volcano eruption in south Japan flights were cancelled from and to the nearby located airport. Smoke and ashes cloud was shot to thousands of meters because of the volcano eruption. There is a possibility that the eruption will continue for some time.

According to the Japanese meteorological agency, a few volcano eruptions with more than 2 kilometers high smoke clouds were captured. Due to extraordinary circumstances, about 80 flight cancellations occurred in this region.

Because of the volcano eruption, officials restricted access to the mountain. On Thursday warning zone from the crater may be expanded to a 3-kilometer radius.

Shinmoedake volcano was featured once in 1967 James Bond movie “You only live twice”. 421 meters “giant” is about 985 kilometers from a capital Tokyo. With its 110 volcanoes, Japan belongs to the Fire ring of the Pacific Ocean, which is characterized by an active volcanic and seismic activity.

According to the EC 261/2004 Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council, extraordinary circumstances are not claimable.

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