Airports across the UK have come to a halt after freezing fog forced to cancel and delay flights. According to the BBC, flights to Amsterdam, Belfast and Aberdeen were cancelled with a flight to Dublin delayed by over five hours at the Manchester Airport.

The British flag carrier British Airways has also cancelled flights and delayed some of them due to unwelcoming weather conditions. Southern England and Northern Europe is suffering from a frozen fog that will start from early on Tuesday 19 December, and affects flights to and from London airports.

Cancelled flights includes routes to Scotland, Ireland and Spain (Madrid),while flight delays have been going on for a few hours. Gatwick Airport has been hit with delayed flights of up to two hours as well.

As Marius Stonkus, the CEO of flight delay compensation company SKYCOP explains, weather conditions are truly the reason for flight cancellations in the UK, however, that doesn’t mean flight compensations are off the table. “Extraordinary circumstances are clearly defined in the European Commission legislation No. 261, thus, it is quite easy for professional flight compensation companies like us to find out if the claims that flights have been delayed due to the weather are completely honest. It is not uncommon that airlines try and trick people that it is due to weather, but our information currently shows that there should be no such troubles in Manchester and the easiest thing to do is to quickly check if you are eligible for a compensation on our website“

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