Travellers should be prepared to face the airline flight delays and cancellations. Vueling pilots announced about their second strike in May which follows the April’s strike – the first one in airlines history.

Spain flag carrier will cause schedules disruptions because their pilots decided to hold a strike on 3rd and 4th of May. This uncomfortable situation will affect travellers as well because their travels are going to be delayed or even cancelled.

Vueling pilots strike

According to Vueling announcement, 81 percent of flights should still operate normally.

“A number of strikes is increasing every year. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that passengers will face problems with delayed or cancelled flights. We think it’s time to take matters into our own hands and try and make the law traveller-friendly, rather than pro-airline. Right now the petition is available on a worldwide community petition platform Avaaz and can be signed by any traveller,” comments Marius Stonkus, the CEO of flight compensation company Skycop.

When a significant amount of signatures will be collected by Skycop – the petition will reach EU lawmakers that will have to reconsider EC 261/2004 Regulation. If you have ever experienced cancelled or delayed flight due to airline staff strikes, you might want to join in on it.  The flight compensation company has compiled a petition that can be reached and signed below.

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This is a list of cancelled flights on 3rd of May:

Fecha/Date Vuelo/Flight Origen/From Destino/To
3/5/2018 VY1200 Madrid Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1294 Barcelona A Coruña
3/5/2018 VY1295 A Coruña Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1306 Barcelona Alicante
3/5/2018 VY1307 Alicante Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1310 Barcelona Alicante
3/5/2018 VY1311 Alicante Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1312 Barcelona Alicante
3/5/2018 VY1313 Alicante Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1401 Barcelona Madrid
3/5/2018 VY1418 Barcelona Bilbao
3/5/2018 VY1419 Bilbao Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1428 Barcelona Bilbao
3/5/2018 VY1429 Bilbao Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1431 Bilbao Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1432 Barcelona Bilbao
3/5/2018 VY1437 Bilbao Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1438 Barcelona Bilbao
3/5/2018 VY1502 Florencia París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY1503 París-Orly Florencia
3/5/2018 VY1504 Florencia París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY1505 París-Orly Florencia
3/5/2018 VY1573 Barcelona Oviedo
3/5/2018 VY1574 Oviedo Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1615 Barcelona Madrid
3/5/2018 VY1816 Madrid Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1817 Munich Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY1818 Barcelona Munich
3/5/2018 VY1900 Madrid Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY2020 Barcelona Granada
3/5/2018 VY2021 Granada Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY2110 Málaga Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY2111 Barcelona Málaga
3/5/2018 VY2124 Málaga Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY2125 Barcelona Málaga
3/5/2018 VY2131 Barcelona Madrid
3/5/2018 VY2211 Sevilla Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY2212 Barcelona Sevilla
3/5/2018 VY2220 Barcelona Sevilla
3/5/2018 VY2223 Sevilla Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY2224 Barcelona Sevilla
3/5/2018 VY2269 Sevilla Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY2511 Sevilla Bilbao
3/5/2018 VY2512 Bilbao Sevilla
3/5/2018 VY6003 Barcelona Florencia
3/5/2018 VY6004 Florencia Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY6100 Barcelona Fiumicino
3/5/2018 VY6101 Fiumicino Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY6114 Barcelona Fiumicino
3/5/2018 VY6115 Fiumicino Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY6291 Amsterdam Fiumicino
3/5/2018 VY6292 Fiumicino Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY6334 Barcelona Milán
3/5/2018 VY6335 Milán Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY6338 Barcelona Milán
3/5/2018 VY6339 Milán Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY6402 Barcelona Venecia
3/5/2018 VY6403 Venecia Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY6460 Madrid Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY6814 Florencia Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY6815 Amsterdam Florencia
3/5/2018 VY7000 Madrid Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY7010 Barcelona Madrid
3/5/2018 VY7460 Madrid Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY7524 Londres-Gatwick Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY7525 Barcelona Londres-Gatwick
3/5/2018 VY7580 Oporto Zurich
3/5/2018 VY7581 Zurich Oporto
3/5/2018 VY7820 Barcelona Londres-Gatwick
3/5/2018 VY7821 Londres-Gatwick Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY7828 Barcelona Londres-Gatwick
3/5/2018 VY7833 Londres-Gatwick Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY7966 Barcelona Londres-Luton
3/5/2018 VY7967 Londres-Luton Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY7982 Zurich Lisboa
3/5/2018 VY7983 Lisboa Zurich
3/5/2018 VY8012 Barcelona París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY8013 París-Orly Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8015 París-Orly Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8016 Barcelona París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY8017 París-Orly Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8024 Barcelona París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY8028 Barcelona París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY8029 París-Orly Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8036 Barcelona París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY8037 París-Orly Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8242 Barcelona París-Charles de Gaulle
3/5/2018 VY8243 París-Charles de Gaulle Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8300 Barcelona Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY8301 Amsterdam Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8302 Barcelona Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY8303 Amsterdam Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8404 Amsterdam Londres-Luton
3/5/2018 VY8405 Londres-Luton Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY8406 Amsterdam Londres-Luton
3/5/2018 VY8407 Londres-Luton Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY8412 Amsterdam Lisboa
3/5/2018 VY8413 Lisboa Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY8424 Amsterdam Oporto
3/5/2018 VY8425 Oporto Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY8436 Amsterdam Milán
3/5/2018 VY8437 Milán Amsterdam
3/5/2018 VY8450 Barcelona Madrid
3/5/2018 VY8466 Barcelona Lisboa
3/5/2018 VY8467 Lisboa Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY8634 París-Orly Copenhague
3/5/2018 VY8635 Copenhague París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY8992 Barcelona BRU
3/5/2018 VY8993 BRU Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY9000 Madrid Barcelona
3/5/2018 VY9010 Barcelona Madrid
3/5/2018 VY9432 París-Orly Milán
3/5/2018 VY9433 Milán París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY9434 París-Orly Milán
3/5/2018 VY9435 Milán París-Orly
3/5/2018 VY9450 Barcelona Madrid
3/5/2018 VY7990 Algeria Marsella
3/5/2018 VY7991 Marsella Algeria
3/5/2018 VY6205 London Gatwick Florencia
3/5/2018 VY6206 Florencia London Gatwick

This is a list of cancelled flights on 4th of May:

Fecha/Date Vuelo/Flight Origen/From Destino/To
4/5/2018 VY1200 Madrid Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1290 Barcelona A coruña
4/5/2018 VY1291 A coruña Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1302 Barcelona Alicante
4/5/2018 VY1303 Alicante Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1306 Barcelona Alicante
4/5/2018 VY1307 Alicante Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1310 Barcelona Alicante
4/5/2018 VY1313 Alicante Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1401 Barcelona Madrid
4/5/2018 VY1418 Barcelona Bilbao
4/5/2018 VY1419 Bilbao Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1426 Barcelona Bilbao
4/5/2018 VY1427 Bilbao Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1428 Barcelona Bilbao
4/5/2018 VY1429 Bilbao Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1431 Bilbao Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1432 Barcelona Bilbao
4/5/2018 VY1502 Florencia París-Orly
4/5/2018 VY1503 París-Orly Florencia
4/5/2018 VY1573 Barcelona Oviedo
4/5/2018 VY1574 Oviedo Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1676 Barcelona Santiango de Compostela
4/5/2018 VY1677 Santiango de Compostela Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1700 Madrid Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1817 Munich Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1818 Barcelona Munich
4/5/2018 VY1900 Madrid Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY1901 Barcelona Madrid
4/5/2018 VY2014 Barcelona Granada
4/5/2018 VY2015 Granada Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY2112 Málaga Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY2113 Barcelona Málaga
4/5/2018 VY2114 Málaga Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY2115 Barcelona Málaga
4/5/2018 VY2131 Barcelona Madrid
4/5/2018 VY2211 Sevilla Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY2212 Barcelona Sevilla
4/5/2018 VY2252 Barcelona Sevilla
4/5/2018 VY2253 Sevilla Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY2256 Barcelona Sevilla
4/5/2018 VY2257 Sevilla Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY6108 Barcelona Fiumicino
4/5/2018 VY6109 Fiumicino Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY6205 Londres-Gatwich Florencia
4/5/2018 VY6206 Florencia Londres-Gatwich
4/5/2018 VY6291 Amsterdam Fiumicino
4/5/2018 VY6292 Fiumicino Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY6332 Barcelona Milán
4/5/2018 VY6333 Milán Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY6338 Barcelona Milán
4/5/2018 VY6339 Milán Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY6404 Barcelona Venecia
4/5/2018 VY6405 Venecia Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY6460 Madrid Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY6814 Florencia Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY6815 Amsterdam Florencia
4/5/2018 VY6864 Florencia Catania
4/5/2018 VY6865 Catania Florencia
4/5/2018 VY6922 Florencia Palermo
4/5/2018 VY6923 Palermo Florencia
4/5/2018 VY7000 Madrid Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY7010 Barcelona Madrid
4/5/2018 VY7460 Madrid Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY7828 Barcelona Londres-Gatwick
4/5/2018 VY7830 Barcelona Londres-Gatwick
4/5/2018 VY7831 Londres-Gatwich Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY7833 Londres-Gatwich Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY7966 Barcelona Londres-Luton
4/5/2018 VY7967 Londres-Luton Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY7982 Zurich Lisboa
4/5/2018 VY7983 Lisboa Zurich
4/5/2018 VY8012 Barcelona París-Orly
4/5/2018 VY8013 París-Orly Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8015 París-Orly Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8016 Barcelona París-Orly
4/5/2018 VY8017 París-Orly Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8022 Barcelona París-Orly
4/5/2018 VY8023 París-Orly Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8024 Barcelona París-Orly
4/5/2018 VY8036 Barcelona París-Orly
4/5/2018 VY8037 París-Orly Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8248 Barcelona París-Charles de Gaulle
4/5/2018 VY8249 París-Charles de Gaulle Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8318 Amsterdam Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8319 Barcelona Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY8322 Barcelona Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY8323 Amsterdam Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8404 Amsterdam Londres-Luton
4/5/2018 VY8405 Londres-Luton Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY8406 Amsterdam Londres-Luton
4/5/2018 VY8407 Londres-Luton Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY8412 Amsterdam Lisboa
4/5/2018 VY8413 Lisboa Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY8436 Amsterdam Milán
4/5/2018 VY8437 Milán Amsterdam
4/5/2018 VY8450 Barcelona Madrid
4/5/2018 VY8466 Barcelona Lisboa
4/5/2018 VY8473 Lisboa Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY8992 Barcelona Bruselas
4/5/2018 VY8993 Bruselas Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY9000 Madrid Barcelona
4/5/2018 VY9010 Barcelona Madrid
4/5/2018 VY9432 París-Orly Milán
4/5/2018 VY9433 Milán París-Orly
4/5/2018 VY9450 Barcelona Madrid
4/5/2018 VY7979 Praga Zurich
4/5/2018 VY7978 Zurich Praga
4/5/2018 VY7990 Algeria Marsella
4/5/2018 VY7991 Marsella Algeria
4/5/2018 VY1505 Paris – Orly Florencia
4/5/2018 VY1504 Florencia Paris – Orly

No matter when you run into flight delays, cancellations or overbooking, you can still claim compensation! Doing so on Skycop is risk-free and you stand to gain up to €600!

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The madness of Air France strikes will lead to flight delays and cancellations
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