According to the Italian ministry of transport, as announced, on March 8 is planning to be a full-day national and local strike by Air Traffic Controllers unions. Travel disruptions for a national strike are to be expected from 1 pm to 5 pm. Local strike at Rome Fiumicino airport is to be expected from 10 am to 6 pm. Restrictions may also be before and after official strike times.

Skycop flight compensation

“It’s symbolic, that one more strike is planned on March 8 – international women‘s day. This “gift” from Italy aviation service will make serious problems for passengers. Seeing the trend of strikes, we believe, that the current exemption of strikes must be reconsidered. Because yet we see that air passenger law has made an exception for aviation executives,“ explains the CEO of flight compensation company SKYCOP, Marius Stonkus. „For now, we are planning to go all the way into talks with the European Commission over the ways the law will better suit current aviation market and its tendencies. We are always ready to fight for passengers’ rights.”

The airline of Alitalia has announced its list of cancelled flights:

Departure Arrival Flight number
Algiers Rome Fiumicino AZ801
Amsterdam Milan Linate AZ121
Rome Fiumicino AZ107
Athens Rome Fiumicino AZ715
Barcelona Milan Linate AZ71
Rome Fiumicino AZ79
Belgrade Rome Fiumicino AZ597
Berlin Tegel Rome Fiumicino AZ423
Bologna Rome Fiumicino AZ1314
Brindisi Milan Linate AZ1642
Rome Fiumicino AZ1622
Budapest Rome Fiumicino AZ479
Cagliari Milan Linate AZ1567
Rome Fiumicino AZ1562
Rome Fiumicino AZ1594
Casablanca Rome Fiumicino AZ875
Catania Milan Linate AZ1714
Milan Linate AZ1716
Rome Fiumicino AZ1730
Rome Fiumicino AZ1734
Rome Fiumicino AZ1756
Dusseldorf Rome Fiumicino AZ421
Florence Rome Fiumicino AZ1678
Rome Fiumicino AZ1682
Frankfurt Rome Fiumicino AZ407
Geneve Rome Fiumicino AZ575
Genoa Rome Fiumicino AZ1384
Rome Fiumicino AZ1386
Lamezia Terme Milan Linate AZ1174
Rome Fiumicino AZ1178
London City Milan Linate AZ215
Malaga Rome Fiumicino AZ91
Malta Rome Fiumicino AZ887
Milan Linate Amsterdam AZ120
Barcelona AZ72
Brindisi AZ1643
Cagliari AZ1570
Catania AZ1715
Catania AZ1721
Catania AZ1723
Lamezia Terme AZ1179
London City AZ222
Naples AZ1287
Naples AZ1289
Naples AZ1299
Palermo AZ1765
Pescara AZ1243
Rome Fiumicino AZ2049
Rome Fiumicino AZ2055
Rome Fiumicino AZ2059
Rome Fiumicino AZ2061
Rome Fiumicino AZ2071
Rome Fiumicino AZ2077
Munich Rome Fiumicino AZ433
Naples Milan Linate AZ1288
Milan Linate AZ1292
Milan Linate AZ1294
Rome Fiumicino AZ1270
Palermo Milan Linate AZ1762
Milan Linate AZ1764
Rome Fiumicino AZ1780
Paris Charles De Gaulle Rome Fiumicino AZ319
Rome Fiumicino AZ333
Pescara Milan Linate AZ1244
Pisa Rome Fiumicino AZ1664
Rome Fiumicino AZ1668
Reggio Calabria Milan Linate AZ1198
Turin AZ1197
Rome Fiumicino Algiers AZ800
Amsterdam AZ110
Athens AZ718
Barcelona AZ76
Belgrade AZ594
Berlin Tegel AZ430
Bologna AZ1311
Brindisi AZ1619
Budapest AZ478
Cagliari AZ1563
Cagliari AZ1597
Casablanca AZ874
Catania AZ1711
Catania AZ1741
Dusseldorf AZ420
Florence AZ1675
Florence AZ1677
Frankfurt AZ404
Geneve AZ578
Genoa AZ1383
Genoa AZ1395
Lamezia Terme AZ1171
Malaga AZ90
Malta AZ886
Milan Linate AZ2032
Milan Linate AZ2034
Milan Linate AZ2038
Milan Linate AZ2044
Milan Linate AZ2068
Milan Linate AZ2076
Munich AZ436
Naples AZ1269
Palermo AZ1785
Palermo AZ1799
Paris Charles De Gaulle AZ318
Paris Charles De Gaulle AZ324
Pisa AZ1663
Pisa AZ1667
Reggio Calabria AZ1157
Tel Aviv AZ812
Tirana AZ584
Trieste AZ1365
Tunis AZ866
Turin AZ1413
Turin AZ1417
Venice AZ1463
Venice AZ1475
Verona AZ1487
Warsaw AZ490
Zurich AZ574
Tel Aviv Rome Fiumicino AZ815
Tirana Rome Fiumicino AZ583
Trieste Rome Fiumicino AZ1364
Tunis Rome Fiumicino AZ867
Turin Reggio Calabria AZ1196
Rome Fiumicino AZ1418
Rome Fiumicino AZ1428
Venice Rome Fiumicino AZ1462
Rome Fiumicino AZ1466
Verona Rome Fiumicino AZ1488
Warsaw Rome Fiumicino AZ491
Zurich Rome Fiumicino AZ573
Air France flights were disrupted by a strike action
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Air France flights were disrupted by a strike action