Italian transport workers are expected to go on strike tomorrow! This is going to be a part of International Women Strike.

With the International Women’s Day also come strikes and demonstrations from people fighting for gender equality. The first International Women Strikes happened in 2017 and 2018, and they are expected to happen tomorrow. In Italy, it is expected to see all transportation halt, among other things. Flyers should also expect at least some disturbances in France, Germany and Spain.

Photo by Titi Nicola. Distributed under CC BY-SA. 40

Normally, strikes and wildcat strikes are not considered grounds for awarding flight compensation, even though it’s Skycop’s opinion that delayed or cancelled flight compensation should apply to strikes of airline personnel. Afterall, the airlines should take care of them even better than they take care of the material aspects of the flight operation.

In any case, we believe that air passengers should stay informed – and aware of their rights. And if your flight is disrupted for reasons other than strikes, don’t forget to claim compensation!

Claim compensation now!

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