Air France passengers should pay attention to their flight schedules because the airline’s unions did not find a common solution with the management. Air France employees announced going on strike for four more days because of disagreements with their management.

It seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. According to the Air France workers’ unions  press release, in addition to previously announced strikes on 7th, 10th and 11th of April, travelers should be ready for more delayed and cancelled flights on 17th, 18th, 23rd and 24th of April as the airline’s employees continue to fight for their salaries to be increased.

Travelers are already suffering from strike actions:

Flight delays and cancellations - Skycop

“According to our data, due to the airline clashes with their employees result in walkouts or endless debates, over 1.5 million extra EU travelers per year suffer directly from what is still considered an “extraordinary circumstance,” told Marius Stonkus, the CEO of Skycop. “What’s even more shocking is compiling the amount of compensations they should’ve received if the law would have been on their side. We estimate that over the past six years, strikes across the EU lead to increases in both flight cancellations and flight delays and resulted in 24 million minutes of extra delays, or, if we talk money, €6 billion in unpaid flight compensations. We think it’s time we took matters in to our own hands and try and make the law traveler-friendly, rather than pro-airline. Right now the petition is available on a worldwide community petition platform Avaaz and can be signed by any traveler“.

When a significant amount of signatures will be collected by Skycop – the petition will reach EU lawmakers that will have to reconsider EC 261/2004 Regulation. If you have ever experienced a cancelled or a delayed flight due to airline staff strikes, you might want to join in on it.  The flight compensation company has compiled a petition that can be accessed and signed below.

Air France continues strike: delayed and cancelled flights can be expected
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Air France continues strike: delayed and cancelled flights can be expected