Biggest Aviation News of the Week | 03.25

WOW Air is in hot water now. As Icelandair pulls out of negotiations over saving the airline, it’s left with a bunch of trouble on its hands. Said trouble is already repossessing planes and causing flights to be cancelled.

A weird mixup happened with British Airways. A flight meant for Dusseldorf landed in Edinburgh, which proves that you can’t always expect the airline to hit the right landmass. Apparently, the mix-up is due to the company leasing the flight filling the wrong documents. We believe this flight to be claimable as far as flight compensation goes!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines made headlines last week as they refused to book hotels for passengers affected by flight disruptions, claiming that only individuals can do it. That is, of course, complete nonsense, as Regulation (EC) 261/2004 makes it the duty of airlines to take care of their stranded passengers.

In drunk flyer news, a Quantas passenger on a flight from Melbourne to Singapore called the crew “pedophiles” when they tried to restrain him after he got rowdy. I see he takes after the Elon Musk School of insults.

A passenger on easyJet flight from Marrakesh, Morocco, to Manchester claims he faced racial profiling as aircrew burst into his bathroom, declaring his 15 minutes stay in it “suspicious.” The passenger claims that he was completely exposed and felt violated by the experience.

Jet Airways, an airline in India, is also undergoing a rough time. The continuing crisis is now seeing more than 70 planes grounded and thousands of flights cancelled.


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