Biggest Aviation News of the Week | 07.01

Chloe Meacock was three years old when easyJet chose to deny her boarding due to overbooking. However, they eventually switched her with her dad… and then allowed the dad to board… but tried to seat Chloe away from her family… This story is just an endless cavalcade of failure and mistakes – and the family should claim compensation! Read more

Apparently, Airbus wants to introduce pilotless jets into the market – but people are just too afraid to fly them. That is certainly a bold plan when Boeing 737 MAX can hardly fly with a pilot – and driverless cars don’t seem that much closer either. Read more

Speaking of 737 MAX: since the planes were grounded following the crash, Boeing is actually running out of place to store them. Some are even parked in the employee parking lot! Read more

Singapore’s Changi Airport is suffering from drone-related disruptions for the second time this week, joining the illustrious clubs of airports with UAV troubles. 18 flights were disrupted. 

Air Canada has an interesting issue on their hands. Less than two weeks ago, one woman awoke on one of their planes… which was dark and deserted after the flight. The question they’re trying to answer is “how did it happen that we missed one our passengers asleep on the plane after everyone left?” Read more


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