International women’s day present from Italy – expecting strike

According to the Italian Ministry of transport, as announced, on March 8 is planning to be a full-day national and local strike by Air Traffic Controllers unions. Travel disruptions for a national strike are to be expected from 1 pm to 5 pm. Local strike at Rome Fiumicino airport is to be expected from 10 am to 6 pm. Restrictions may also be before and after official strike times.

“It’s symbolic, that one more strike is planned on March 8 – international women‘s day. This “gift” from Italy aviation service will make serious problems for passengers. Seeing the trend of strikes, we believe, that the current exemption of strikes must be reconsidered. Because yet we see that air passenger law has made an exception for aviation executives,“ explains the CEO of flight compensation company SKYCOP, Marius Stonkus. „For now, we are planning to go all the way into talks with the European Commission over the ways the law will better suit the current aviation market and its tendencies. We are always ready to fight for passengers’ rights.”


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