5 Things To Add To Your 2019 Bucket List

As we enter 2019 – also called 2016 v.4 – we take a look at our priorities and reassess our bucket lists. I mean, the world is a troubled place now, even climate change aside, and we just don’t know when we’ll kick the bucket. So here are several things you can’t afford to do when carrying out your bucket list in 2019.

5. Garden Route

Meet some nice South Africans by going to, well, South African! Specifically, you should aim to travel the Garden Route. Stretching 300 kilometers (or 190 miles, if you’re into that) along the coast, it’s home to the second mildest climate in the world.

It also has more greenery than you could see in the rest of the country, what with frequent rains. While there, you should visit the Bloukrans Bridge, the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. You can also visit vineyards, see historical rail stations and just wander around as you do.

4. Digital Diet

OK, so this is the best trip since you don’t even have to go anywhere. You just need to go on a digital diet! That’s right, this is one way to make people who constantly complain about everyone being on their phones shut up, and to drive those “deep” cartoonists constantly making “art” about social media addiction out of work.

Annoying hacks aside, cutting down on your social media exposure will aid you. We spend 2 hours a day on scrolling and posting, and it only makes less happy and more depressed. Try to entertain yourself in other ways. Read books, watch better movies, listen to the quality podcasts out there. Those are all great things to do as long as you concentrate on them and not just glance at Facebook every 5 minutes.

3. Visit Hogwarts

Surprisingly enough, you don’t have to visit the British Isles to see Hogwarts, so the impending Brexit day of doom isn’t lessening your chances from experiencing the wizarding world of Harry Potter first hand. That’s one of those things that should grace many a 2019 bucket list.

And while the term “homepunk” is unalloyed garbage, the same can’t be said about Universal Studios, Orlando, which houses the castle Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Diagon Alley, just like in the movies. They might even look just like you imagined them in your dreams, which we no longer have access to due to GDPR.

2. Surf the Sand Dunes

Surfing USA might be a cool title of a song, but you know what’s better? Surfing sand, as it keeps you safe from sharks and surfer dudes! And there’s hardly a better spot to do it than Ahipara sand dunes in New Zealand.

Sand dune surfing is the warm country’s answer to sleighing down the mountain slope. And it doesn’t matter how confident you feel in your skills: laying flat on the board as you go down is as exciting as doing it standing up. Fewer chances of involuntarily ending up on YouTube, too!

1. Admire the northern lights… in a glass igloo

Every 2019 bucket list is telling you to admire the northern lights as if they’re going out of fashion. But you can one-up all of your friends who just went to Alaska or Scotland to enjoy the view. You see those lights from the cozy confines of a glass igloo in Finland!

The story goes that the founder of Kakslauttanen resort had to stop there once and spend the night… which made him fall in love with the place. Here erected a chalet there, which takes care of passengers going north – after all, it’s 250 kilometers from the Arctic circle! And one of the most famous accommodations there are the glass igloos. However, it’s easy enough to reach as the closest airport is just a 30-minute drive away. Inside the igloo, you’ll have the best sights of the northern lights – and a toilet.

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