When the Weather Disrupts Your Flight, There Are Things You Can Do

Flight disrupted by fog, snow, rain, earthquakes or other natural causes? That’s no surprise – in the US alone, weather accounts for more than 30% of all flight delays. Is the sun shining outside your airport terminal window – but your flight was delayed and cancelled due to weather? Remember adverse conditions may strike your destination, too. Just because you don’t see the high winds doesn’t mean they’re not there!

If the wait is longer than 2 hours, demand care from the airline’s personnel. Your airline should provide you with free e-mail or free fax, two free phone calls, meals & drinks. If it goes overnight, it should ensure accommodation at a hotel as well as the transport to the hotel and back to the airport.

However, disruptions caused by weather and similar natural events are not eligible for flight compensation. In case of cancellations, you should still be offered either rerouting or a refund. If the rerouting takes you to an airport other than the original destination of the cancelled flight, the airline has to provide transportation to take you where you are intended to go.


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