4 Cool Weather Summer Vacation Ideas For August

August may be the hottest of the summer months (it certainly feels hotter than June). Naturally, not everyone wants to spend their summer vacation at the beach – or to get a tan. In fact, some people might want to cool off. So here are Skycop’s recommended cool spots for August vacations.

4. Lake Bled, Slovenia

This is the best option for those who want a cool weather summer vacation, but don’t want to abandon their plans to take a swim. Lake Bled is lake in Julian Alps, and it’s of mixed glacial and tectonic heritage. This means that there are warms spring on the northern end (many of them are routed to local hotels).

The place is an extremely cool tourist destination by itself. Visit the Bled Island to see the majestic historical church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. It’s decorated with frescoes that pre-date the building itself! The ride to the island is no less historical, as the traditional flat-bottomed pletna boats – think Venetian gondolas that can sit 20 – have years of history behind them. And don’t forget to get a bite of Cremeschnitte, the national culinary treasure!

3. Oslo, Norway

You can usually expect the Scandinavian countries to be somewhat cool. Well, you don’t need to head that much north to have some fun in Norway! This cozy city of 600,000 (and growing) boasts temperatures than aren’t much higher than 20 degrees Celsius these days, which is a boon for any heatwave-stricken European.

See The Scream at the Munch Museum, get immersed in folk history of Norway in the Folkemuseet or go to the Viking Ship Museum to see… viking ships (who could have guessed?!). You can also enjoy all sorts of activities available at the Oslofjord – you might even get to do a spot of fishing!

2. Greenland

If you have some money to splash, Greenland is the place to go (and it’s technically a European destination due to its ties to Denmark). For one, it’s cool both literally and metaphorically. Use the place’s short summer to see some amazing northern sights! The locals would love for your spending to put a dent on fishing industry’s dominance of their economy (it’s at 90% at this point).

In Greenland, you can take tours to see fjords and glaciers – or do a bit of both at Ilulissat Icefjord (a UNESCO site). You can also go on whale spotting trips and dog sled rides (probably not at the same time). There are also abandoned villages, fishing stations and other excotic locales very much specific to Greenland!

1. Guernsey

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands (the other is Jersey) and it has great sights to offer you. If you’re a nature lover, you can enjoy one of the 27 bays, which provide a variety of environments. You might as well look into it, as the waters around the island are dangerous!

Then again, the location of Guernsey has historically been in the way of peril. That’s why the tourism industry profits for people visiting Castle Cornet, Fort Grey, the Guernsey loophole towers the leftover German fortifications. On a more peaceful note, the island also boasts award-winning horticulture!

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