4 Perfect Places To Get A Tan In Autumn

Autumn is here and we’re all angry about it. Aside from the pumpkin-spice craze that afflicts some of us, the rest have to contend with worse weather, rotting leaves everywhere and having to put on clothes (well, more clothes) when we go out. However, not all is lost if you haven’t managed to build up a tan during the summer. There are holiday destinations out there that will help you extend the season and get that healthy bronze glow!

4. Cyprus

Cyprus: the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite and a very real source of stunning beaches. And if you don’t like lounging around the beach all day, you delve into its rich historical past. Visit archeological sites and ancient castles, go to a zoo or an aquarium or just marvel at some waterfall.

Lara Bay is probably the breathtaking destination out there – and, fittingly enough for our article, it holds a beach! So get to the Akamas Peninsula, hire a jeep our get on a safari tour, and prepare to be amazing. Where the lush greenery transforms into the bays of sandy west coasts, you’ll know you have found one of the most amazing beaches in the Mediterranean.

3. Malta

Just like Cyprus, Malta was a very hotly contested island in the ages past. You wouldn’t know of this sordid history of sieges and battles if you looked at the beaches, however. Malta was ranked first in Europe for the cleanliness of its waters back in 2014. The beaches themselves are Blue Flag certified: they match exacting criteria of sustainable development, safety and so on.

If you want to head straight to the biggest beach in Malta, you’ll want to go to Mellieħa Bay (the locals also call it Għadira Bay). It’s the island’s biggest and most popular sandy beach. The surf remains shallow for quite some distance and it’s an easy place to access. Families with kids love coming to this place to camp – and you too can find in northern Malta, next to the village of Mellieħa (hence the name).

2. Sardinia

Hey, don’t forget Sardinia – after all, it’s the biggest island on this list. Found just south of the French Corsica (and west of the Italian Italy), it has all the fun you have come to expect from a Mediterranean island. Enjoy the well-developed transportation network on an island where the biggest city – Cagliari – only hosts 150,000 citizens.

And Cala Goloritze is the teeny, tiny beach you’ll want to see. However, you’ll have to sweat for it. The beach is south of Cala Biriola in Ogliastra… and inaccessible by boat or car. You’ll have to take an hour-long hike to get there! However, you’ll be rewarded with amazing sights and great snorkeling opportunities. The water is great and you can even spot some fish. Small wonder that this beach was declared a UNESCO site in 1995.

1. Gran Canaria

Time to sail out of the Mediterranean and hunt for some tans in the Atlantic. However, you don’t have to go far, since the Canary Islands in general – and specifically Gran Canaria – are ready to welcome you. You’ll have so many beaches to choose from, your head will spin.

Maspalomas is an area with great beaches and great dunes. The dunes are so great that they have been declared a nature preserve. This 404-hectare (1,000-acre) plot is also a known nudist zone – probably because there’s so much space there! Tauro, however, is a long pebble beach you can visit. It’s not much of tourist attraction, so you might even have some privacy (relative to the rest of the island, anyway). Mogan, however, is probably the most developed of artificial beaches on the island. Don’t worry, if you get bored of lounging there, you’ll soon find that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to tourist-oriented entertainment.

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