5 Places to visit on Fourth of July

No other country wants to celebrate its freedom as much as the US does – and that’s what they do on their Independence day! Since the Fourth of July is coming and everyone is getting ready for their barbecues and fireworks, here are some of the top choices of spots to visit on Independence day.

New York City

Noo Yohk, Noo Yohk! Gotta love da Metts, baby! The Big Apple is a good choice for when it comes to celebrating the 4th of July – after all, it’s the American city everyone wants to see. You probably don’t even need to see the Times Square get in on the fun!

Almost every neighborhood will be doing their thing to celebrate Independence Day and you’re bound to see a parade or two, as well as several firework shows. I don’t know if you can visit the Statue of Liberty on the day, but you can hop around the bars and rooftop restaurants and even hotdog eating competitions to get your fill of Americana. 

Yosemite National Park

On the other hand, aliens keep attacking New York, so maybe it’s better to go somewhere else. Why not see the Yosemite National Park? After all, it gave the impetus for the whole national park system in the US and, more importantly, inspired the name of Yosemite Sam.

About 4 million people visit the Yosemite a year, and most of them don’t even leave the valley, which means you can feel like a damn explorer if you venture off the beaten path without getting lost. You can still see all the famous peaks and granite domes, and visit the groves of the giant sequoia trees. However, most camping sites are booked well in advance of the Fourth of July, so keep that in mind for next year! 

Mt. Rushmore

What’s more patriotic than chiseling the faces of American presidents into the side of a mountain? That’s right, it’s to visit Mt. Rushmore and gawk at the monument you have only ever seen on Saturday morning cartoons. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson have been there since 1941, so it’s high time to see them yourself. 

Mount Rushmore National Memorial realizes its importance to the American psyche, so the place hosts a whole bunch of celebrations. You will see entertainers dressed as the presidents themselves (probably their historic rather than granite version) host conferences and pose for pictures. You will also hear patriotic music played by a military band and attend a flag folding ceremony.  

Yellowstone National Park

Yosemite might be cool, but it’s not Yellowstone National Park Cool! Sure, Yellowstone doesn’t get as many visitors, but that means there’s more place for you! Plus, it features a lot of preserved architecture as well as a developed network of camping sites. Heck, most of the thermal features are handicap-accessible!

By “thermal features” I mean “geysers.” Yellowstone hosts half of all the geysers in the world – thanks to being an active supervolcano – and Old Faithful is an Americana staple. Iceland hasn’t got anything to top it! Also, it’s probably one of the quietest of places to spend the Fourth of July, as it hosts no parades and fireworks are banned. 


Philadelphia is the city where the famous Declaration of Independence was signed, so it’s obviously a very historical spot to greet the Fourth of July. Besides, they’re throwing a ‘Historic District Block Party,’ finally giving you the excuse to party like it’s 1776!

This year, the city will also host free (or pay-what-you-want) admissions to 22 museums and attractions, three firework displays, an afterparty at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and a free concert featuring Megan Traynor. Oh, and the parades. So many parades!

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