6 Best Selfie Locations To Visit In 2019

“PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN,” screecheth the Internet and we humble posters respondeth. There’s no better proof of your travels than selfies (stints in foreign prisons are also hard to falsify), so why not make some at some of the coolest locations on Earth? Here are some good backdrops for your mug in 2019.

6. The Great Wall of China Toboggan, China

The Great Wall of China is the greatest defensive structure ever built. At 21,196 km of length, it’s about 21,196 km longer than Trump’s wall will ever be. All in all, one could consider it a good location for a selfie.

One could also go down the toboggan that permits the visitors to get off the Wall in (5th grader) style! This is probably the most unusual action selfie you can get, though I would recommend doing a video for the best results. Trust me, it will pay off if you somehow manage to go off the track.

5. Kjerag, Norway

Somewhere in the wilderness of Norway, a rock hangs wedged between two steep, nearly vertical sides of a narrow ravine. And you climb on top of it! Heck, you can do it in flips flops – I did, though it was an accident and you should definitely not repeat that. Still, there are some great views from the Kjerag rock, so why not take a selfie?

And since you’re in Norway already, why not visit the Trolltunga overhang? This tongue of the troll extends quite the ways from the side of a mountain, so you’re guaranteed to have a harrowing experience while taking a selfie.

6 Best Selfie Locations To Visit In 2019
Photo by Neuwieser. Distributed under CC BY-SA 2.0

4. Top of the Rock, New York

This is the annoyingly twee name of the observation deck on top of the 30 Rockefeller Plaza skyscraper in New York City. It’s not to be mistaken with Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building (that is familiar to everyone who watched Spider-Man cartoon in the 90s).

The Top of The Rock is shaped to be similar to an ocean liner. It also provides one of the best panoramas of the city. While it’s 61 meters below the Empire State Building observation deck, the Rock provides you with the possibility to take a selfie with the Empire State Building in the background. Take that!

3. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

St. Basil’s Cathedral invokes images of Russia like no other building in the world, and it’s probably the most emblematic structure in Moscow. You might probably think that’s it’s called the Kremlin, which it’s not.

However, if you find yourself in Moscow, there’s probably no better structure to pose in front of to get your tourist bonafides. Afterward, you can actually go see Kremlin if you like.

2. Hall of Mirrors, Palace of Versailles

The French are very good at chopping off royal heads and preserving the riches they left behind. That’s why Versailles is such a great destination to visit. Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, ordered the construction of this amazing palace. And there it stands, drawing in more visitors yearly than the Eiffel tower.

And there’s probably no better place to take a selfie than the Hall of Mirrors. After all, mirror selfies are a staple of the genre, and this place like no other is purposefully saturated with mirrors. So if there’s one place where not using the front-facing camera is justified, it’s here.

1. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Do you know of many massive construction projects that started out in 1882 and haven’t finished yet? That’s Sagrada Familia to you. Yet even unfinished, this church in Barcelona is probably one of the most impressive Catholic buildings around the world. Get there before Catalonia secedes or something.

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