Due to the continuing strife between Pakistan and India, the Pakistani airspace was closed and airlines are trying to avoid the region. Do know that if your flight was delayed or cancelled for this reason, you’re not going to get compensated as war is considered to be an exception in the compensation rules laid out by Regulation (EC) 261/2006.

This Friday, Dusseldorf Airport was closed due to a security breach. Three people entered a secure area via an alarmed door, which prompted a lockdown of the airport. All the passengers that had cleared security – even those who had already boarded planes – were forced to undergo a security check again. The police have already arrested two of the perpetrators.

Talk about a turn-about! Czech Airlines flight OK-190 from Prague to Seoul was about 50nm northwest of Kazan (Russia) when noticed a fuel imbalance. They did all the checklists and safely landed back in Prague about 3 hours later.

On February 27th, an Air Austral flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) to Dzaoudzi (Mayotte – a French overseas department near Madagascar) when about 40nm southeast of Naples, the crew noticed a fault indicator warning of trouble with the electronic engine control of one of the engines. They turned around and landed in Paris about three hours later.

When Austrian Airlines Airbus A319-100 was flying from Vienna (Austria) to Milan Malpensa (Italy), the crew reported a strange smell in the cabin. The plane landed safely. A passenger said they felt the odor of sulphur. The airline didn’t find anything in the check, but the passengers for the return flight were nevertheless rebooked onto other flights.

On the 28th of February, a Flybe Embraer was lining up for departure at Exetery a loud bang was heard and a haze developed in the cabin. This prompted the crew to initiate emergency evacuation via slides. Nobody got injured!

An Easyjet Airbus flying from Edinburgh Bristol was about 60nm northwest of Birmingham when the crew decided to land at Birmingham after they noticed a burning electrical odour. They landed safely at Birmingham about 30 minutes later and the passengers were bussed to Bristol.

On the 26th, a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Vienna was just climbing out of Heathrow when the crew noticed cargo smoke indication. They decided to run around and land at Stansted. Emergency services found no trace of fire, heat or smoke while a replacement reached Vienna with a delay of about 5 hours, which makes the flight very likely to be claimable.

A Lufthansa flight from Munich (Germany) to Montreal (Canada) wasabout 40nm west of Knock (Ireland) when the crew experienced problems with navigation systems that I’m not qualified enough to explain. They returned to Munich and requested emergency services due to an overweight landing. It landed safely and the flight was postponed to the next day, which makes it very claimable in my book.

Closed Airspace Over Pakistan Causes Delays, Cancellations
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Closed Airspace Over Pakistan Causes Delays, Cancellations