One of the biggest flight disruptions is happening today! Workers at Air Traffic Control centres in Rome, Milan and Brindisi are not working for four hours. This is their first strike of 2019 – it follows 30 days of strikes that took place in 2018. 

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled as a security staff strike is happening at three German airports: Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart. The Verdi union is demanding a pay rise for said security staff, going from €17 to €20.

You’re likely not a stranger to stories of planes being diverted to another airport due to some problem. This time, Ryanair flight FR8582 from Stansted to Thessaloniki, was diverted due to fog at its destination. But instead of landing in Macedonia (which it was flying over), it ended up in Romania – and that was just the beginning of troubles for the passengers.

It was a bad week for Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Hundreds of flights were cancelled due to strong winds. Unfortunately for passengers, cancellations due to weather are not eligible for compensation claims.

In one of the more grim happenings this week, Air New Zealand flight #NZ80 from Hong Kong to Auckland was forced to land in Cairns International Airport after one of the passengers died. However, removing his corpse took some time.

The Gatwick drone panic was kinda big. But when drones were spotted near Heathrow, it was only shut down for half an hour – though passengers were told to expect delays. 

On Tuesday, a China Eastern Airlines flight from the Anhui city of Anqing to Shanghai was delayed for almost two hours on after workers suspected that one of the passengers had attempted to throw coins into the plane’s engine. Elderly passengers have done that before – for luck. 

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