Don’t Fly For Me, Argentina

Flight cancellations strike the big people, too! Angela Merkel is missing the G20 conference because the governmental airliner was unable to reach Argentina. Technical problems were reported soon after take-off and the plane had to land in Cologne. There, a replacement plane took a much smaller delegation to Argentina.


A British Airways Boeing 747-400 flying from Heathrow to Nairobi on the 29th was just climbing when the crew noticed that the landing gear could not be retracted. The plane dumped fuel over the British Channel and returned to Heathrow. The flight was estimated to reach Nairobi nearly 7 hours late.

Photo by BriYYZ, distributed under CC BY_SA 2.0

Birds of Turkey

A THY Turkish Airlines Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX was taking off from Istanbul to head for Accra (Ghana) when a bird strike happened. The plane turned around and landed 80 minutes later. Eventually, the passengers reached Accra 3 hours and 20 minutes late.

Smoke on the Finland

A Nordic Regional Airlines Embraer ERJ-190 (flying under Finnair) was climbing from Helsinki when the crew aborted the flight due to smell of smoke and rerouted to Turku. 15 minutes later, the passengers safely evacuated the plane via inflatable slides. Nobody got hurt and a later investigation found that a fault in an air circulation unit was to blame.

Glowing and Cracking

Ryanair says that the airline never experienced real accidents. However, near misses happen time and again. On the 25th, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 was climbing from Venice and heating towards Hamburg when “the captain’s windshield began to glow at the right upper corner followed by the captain’s windshield to(sic) crack.” After evaluating the crack, the crew decided to continue to Hamburg and the plane landed 90 minutes after departure.

You might notice that technical issue are a fairly often reason for flights to be disrupted. Unlike bird strikes, they’re almost always considered to be under airline control – and thus subject to compensation claims. If your flight is disrupted because of some technical issue, claim your compensation via Skycop!

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