Bulgarian Embraer cracks windshield

On December 11th, a a Bulgaria Air Embraer ERJ-190 flying from Brussels (Belgium) to Sofia (Bulgaria) was about 140nm west of Vienna (Austria) when the crew detected cracks in the windshield, which caused the them to descend and divert to Vienna. The plane landed safely. There are reports that Bulgarian government officials were aboard. Since the replacement plane took them to Sofia with a delay of 5 hours and 20 minutes, they should consider claiming flight compensation.

Thomas Cook takes off late

A Thomas Cook Airbus 330-200 on flight MT2608 from London to Cape Town took off 3 hours and 58 minutes late. It is expected to arrive over 4 hours late. If the cause for the delay turns out to be technical (and not due to weather, striking ATC employees and so on), the people claiming flight delay compensation can expect up to €600 for their troubles. The plane might try to make up for wasted time along the way, as it only needs to arrive less than 3 hours late to void any compensation claims.

Follow the flight here: https://uk.flightaware.com/live/flight/TCX2608/history/20181214/0915Z/EGKK/FACT

France is on strike again

People of France are striking, and this includes the good folks at the ATC centers, too. With fewer folks to direct the traffic, flights are already being disrupted today. The ATC union is protesting downsizing and the protest is to last till the 15th.

Belavia Boeing damages runway lights, right engine

On December 9th, a Belavia Boeing 737-500 was landing at Kiev from a flight from Minsk (Belarus). However, a post-flight inspection found a dent in the right hand engine inflet as well as damage and grass on the right hand engine cowl. The plane wasn’t able to perform the return flight, and it was cancelled. The airport reported that it had to close the runway to repair the damaged runway lights.

American Airlines experiences technical issues

American Airlines flight AA729 from London to Philadelphia did not get far on December 12th. After detecting technical issues, the plane turned around and promptly returned to London.

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