Drone assault

We have already written about drones quickly becoming the new bird strikes. It didn’t take long for someone to decide to mess with an airport by using drones. Gatwick was closed on Wednesday due to drones reported close to the runway. Eventually, police snipers were deployed to knock out the drones and the army was contacted.

Read more: https://www.airlive.net/breaking-london-gatwick-closed-after-a-drone-spotted-close-to-runway/

RAT deployed

On December 20th, A LATAM Boeing 777-300 flying from Sao Paolo to London experienced one of the most technical failures we have seen. Apparently, the plane lost electrical power to the point that a Ram Air Turbine – a small wind turbine – had to be deployed. It landed safely in Brazil, though the landing was very complicated by the cascading technical failures. The passengers disembarked after spending an hour on the runway.

Multiple bird strikes

Arabia Maroc Airbus A-320 was climbing from Amsterdam on 18th of December when the pilots reported multiple bird strikes. Apparently, the right engine suffered damage and vibrations and the crew were worried about the landing gear. The plane landed 25 minutes after the takeoff.

Photo by Ting Chen, distributed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Stubborn Landing Gear

A Stobart ATR ATR-72-200 – operating under FlyBe – took off at Groningen on December 19th… and the crew noticed that the landing gear was stuck open. They managed to close and open the gear back again just on the approach to land. The plane landed just 20 minutes after take off and the flight was cancelled. Sounds like grounds to claim compensation!


A KLM Cityhopper Embraer ERJ-190 which was flying from Amsterdam to Frankfurt experience troubles during its climb. Mainly, one of the flaps wouldn’t retract. Eventually, it landed at Maastricht 50 minutes after takeoff, declaring low fuel. The plane eventually reached its destination 4 hours late.

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