Traveling with pets is never easy. However, it can become horrifying, too. An Australian Virgin Australia passenger was shocked to see her dog left without supervision (but in his box) on the tarmac at a Sydney airport. While the staff had promised that the dog would be supervised by personnel and kept in an air-conditioned apartment, it was left on the hot tarmac as the plane was waiting during a 45 minute delay

As most of you remember, Gatwick finished the year with a major shutdown due to drones milling about. However, nobody has been charged with the crime, the police are about to admit that some of the drones might have been theirs and the military is moving out of the airport.

Which?, the largest consumer body in the UK, has finished its survey on customer satisfaction with airlines. According to their data, UK flyers rated Ryanair as the worst airline in 2018. Said airline faced multiple strikes, cancelled flights without compensation and changed baggage rules three times – and its website is a continuing pileup of failures.

Talking about Ryanair (or strikes): there will be strikes this January. Spanish unions are planning to do three on the 8th, 10th and 13th.

The Biggest Flight Disruptions This Week | 01.04
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The Biggest Flight Disruptions This Week | 01.04