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When a passenger can get a refund?

You are entitled to a refund if one of the following scenarios took place:

The Regulation (EC) 261 clearly states that a passenger has the right to a refund for flight cancellation in case his original flight was cancelled. There should be an alternative flight offered, and a passenger can request a different alternative if he or her prefers so. But if none of the available flights suit his or her travel plans, a passenger can request a full refund.

The situation is basically the same with a flight delay refund – if your flight was delayed by more than 5 hours, you have the right to decide not to take your flight, and ask for a refund. This is because a five-hour delay is just as inconvenient as a total cancellation.

Important! If your flight has been cancelled due to Covid-19, the airline must offer you an alternative flight or a full refund of your airfare. Our service will help you get your refund.

Get your refund

After you submit this form, you will receive an email with further information.


Please upload either a document where the following information would be indicated or add it to the "Additional details" field:

  • Ticket(s) price
  • Passenger(s) full name
  • Ticket seller information
  • Booking reference number (can be found in booking confirmation email)
  • Flight date, flight number (e.g. FR1001), airline

Disclaimer: Please note that we can not guarantee that refunds will be issued. There are cases when refunds are paid only after court proceedings, which you will be able to initiate afterwards by also attaching an attorney's letter.
Is it there an obligation for an airline to pay out a refund in a specific timeframe?

Yes. If you choose to get the flight refund for your trip, the airline must send reimbursement within 7 days. It must be paid in cash, by means of electronic bank transfer, bank orders or bank checks.
Alternatively, airlines can also offer compensation by means of travel vouchers or other services, but only by signed agreement of the passenger. If you want to receive your refund in cash, always check what documents you are signing before accepting any vouchers from the carrier.

How much time would it take you to get my cash return if the airline is witholding it?

As every situation is more or less different and could be very specific in some cases, it is hard to set an universal term which would be exact every time. In fact, there could be a lot of factors involved, each of which can affect the timing of payout. Finally, we can not guarantee that refunds will be issued in every case as there could be situations when refunds are paid only after court proceedings. Moreover, there could be situations where we couldn’t do anything at all, e. g. when airline goes bankrupt or there is now way of proving you have bougtht a ticket for travel with the air carrier in question.

I was given both cash and a voucher for a small amount of money from the airline that have cancelled my flight. Although I believe that I am entitled to compensation for a cancelled flight under the Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. Can I still file a claim for it?

Yes. Just reach our claim form and we will look into your case after you fill in your details and provide us with necessary documents. However, it is very common that the value of compensations proposed by airlines is less than what you are entitled to under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. Even if you have already received a gift coupon, discount for travel or an amount of money proposed by the airline, etc., you still may be entitled to further compensation under the Regulation, but it can be reduced, depending on the value of the compensation you have already received. If you accepted any form of compensation from the airline, please notify us as accurately as possible about it, including information about any documents you were asked to sign when accepting the compensation.

I have already accepted a voucher from an airline. Can you still help me with a cash refund if I haven’t used a voucher yet?

Probably no, as it would be hard to prove that you weren’t given another choice even if such a situation really took place. However, you still can reach us explaining your situation and we will look into your case.

I had been given multiple choices as a different means of refund for my cancelled flight. One of such choices was a credit for future travel which is worth more than the price I have paid for the ticket. Is it worth it to choose such an option?

Despite the fact that it is only for you to choose, our advice would be to carefully evaluate every option along with possible future scenarios, e. g. isn’t there a great risk of the air carrier going bankrupt before you could use such a voucher – or would you consider travelling with it at all. Sometimes, especially if you are not in great need for cash right now and at the same time you have plans for using the air travel service sometime in the near future, you may want to keep the travel voucher.

Why is it difficult to get a refund for ticket?

We all know that the whole travel industry had seen much better times. In fact, it is no secret that even the major carriers all around the world are facing a liquidity crisis. As a result of that, even the most reliable airlines are now trying to avoid any outflow of cash in all the possible ways. And probably the most obvious way in which they are doing so is by offering travel vouchers instead of cash refunds for canceled flights.

How much does the Ticket Refund service cost?

The price for the service is currently €25 (+ applicable VAT)