Top 10 Worst Airlines That Refuse To Pay Compensation

Top 10 worst airlines that refuse to pay flight compensation

We are fairly certain that nobody sets out to establish a business that’s purposefully bad. However, existing companies can go bad, fast. That’s why even some very prominent airlines can be real stinkers when it comes to communicating to their passengers – or handing out flight compensation. Oh, and we know those airlines very well here at flight compensation company Skycop – after all, we’re dealing with them all the time. That’s why we made this list of 10 worst airlines to deal with when you experience flight disruption and want to receive flight compensation.

TOP 10 worst airlines, according to Skycop experience

1. Vueling

It’s always possible to find circumstances, that would allow you to avoid paying flight compensation.
In light of the above and having complied with the European regulation, we regret informing you that we are unfortunately not able to honor your request.

2. TAP Air Portugal

Yes, it would be great if you could actually contact them through “Talk to Us” web form.
We verified that your contact is related to reference No. xxxx/xxxxx. You may consult the status of your contact at Talk to Us. If you wish to make a new contact please fill in the Talk to Us web form.

3. Iberia

They won’t pay you the flight compensation, but they sure are good at saying “sorry”.
We thank you for your understanding and reiterate our apologies for not having fulfilled your expectations. We hope your next flights are satisfactory. Thank you for continuing trust in Iberia.
That’s one way to say “sorry for not paying compensation! Also, please fly with us”
Nevertheless again, I hope you continue to use us as your trusted airline in the future. We wish you safe and pleasant flights.

5. Blueair

6. Aerofolot

7. Eurowings


9. Laudamotion

10. Small Planet

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*The above list has been compiled by taking into account our and our clients’ experience while dealing with the indicated airlines in relation to claiming compensation under the Flight Compensation Regulation EC 261/2004. Our observations are based on the inclination of the airlines to assume responsibility which can be assessed by observing how they respond to claims (including their response rate and reasonableness) as well as how agreeable they are to pay compensations timely and in good faith. The information provided herein in solely for information purposes and nothing provided herein should be interpreted as our encouragement to refrain from using the listed airlines or their services.