It looks like workers of the transport industry decided to fight for their rights at the end of the spring season. Multiple labor unions have announced that air traffic controllers (ATC) and the railway workers in Athens will hold a 3 hours strike on 30th of May.

As it was reported, due to rail workers strike there will be no connection between the city of Athens and Athens International Airport. The Panhellenic Seamen‘s Union (PNO) has announced that business, public transit and commercial routes disruptions are also likely to occur. Due to these strikes flight disruptions can be expected.

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Several major labor unions (including the Civil Servants‘ Confederation, General Confederation of Greek Labor and Panhellenic Seamen‘s Union) have called their members to start a strike action. ATC and the railway workers are protesting because of the reforms implemented by the government, which include increasing taxes, austerity measures and evaluations of public sector workers – the unions fear this might simply be the reason for firing employees.

Unfortunately, air passengers will not be compensated for these flight disruptions. According to EC 261/2004 Regulation strikes are considered as “extraordinary circumstances”.

“A number of strikes is increasing every year. Unfortunately, passengers usually have their flights delayed or even cancelled because of these actions. Even during this kind of flight disruptions passengers have their rights. Carriers need to take care of their customers according to the EC 261/2004 regulation and provide them with free meals and drinks, access to two free calls, let use e-mail or send a free fax. When passengers have to wait for a flight for one or more nights – they must be granted free accommodation in a hotel, including transport to/from the airport,” comments Marius Stonkus, the CEO of flight compensation company Skycop.

AEGEAN and Olympic Air have announced their cancelled and rescheduled flights list.

AEGEAN cancelled flights Olympic Air cancelled flights
Flight N°  From  To Flight N° From To
 A3 990  ATH  IST  OA 110  ATH  SKG
 A3 991  IST  ATH  OA 111  SKG  ATH
 A3 980  ATH  SOF
 A3 981  SOF  ATH


AEGEAN rescheduled flights Olympic Air rescheduled flights
Operator  Flight N°  From  To  Old time (local)  New time (local) Operator  Flight N°  From  To  Old time (local)
 A3  540  SKG DUS 10:15-12:00 13:15-15:00  OA 10  ATH  JNX 10:40-11:20
 A3  541 DUS SKG 12:50-16:25 15:50-19:25  OA 108  ATH  SKG 08:45-09:40
 A3  783 DBV ATH 09:40-12:10 11:20-13:50  OA 109  SKG  ATH 10:20-11:10
 A3  852 ATH ZRH 13:45-15:35 15:00-16:50  OA 11  JNX  ATH 11:40-12:25
 A3  853 ZRH ATH 16:25-20:00 17:40-21:15  OA 116  ATH  SKG 13:30-14:25
 A3  856 ATH  GVA 13:40-15:35 14:40-16:35  OA 117  SKG  ATH 15:05-15:55
 A3  857 GVA ATH 16:25-20:05 17:25-21:05  OA 140  ATH  AXD 08:00-09:00
 A3  933 CAI  ATH 09:10-12:10 11:00-14:00  OA 141  AXD  ATH 09:25-10:25
 A3  961 OTP  ATH 10:40-12:15 12:10-13:45  OA 20  ATH  MLO 08:35-09:15
 A3  992 ATH  IST 13:45-15:15 15:15-16:45  OA  202  ATH  RHO 08:35-09:35
 A3  993  IST  ATH 16:00-17:30 17:30-19:00  OA  203  RHO  ATH 10:10-11:10
 OA 21  MLO  ATH 09:35-10:15
 OA 22  ATH  MLO 15:25-16:05
 OA 222  ATH  KGS 08:25-09:15
 OA 223  KGS  ATH 09:50-10:40
 OA 23  MLO  ATH 16:25-17:05
 OA 252  ATH  MJT 11:50-12:40
 OA 253  MJT  ATH 13:05-13:55
 OA 277  JKH  ATH 16:40-17:35
 OA 282  ATH  CFU 09:50-10:50
 OA 283  CFU  ATH 11:25-12:25
 OA 30  ATH  LRS 10:00-11:00
 OA 306  ATH  HER 09:55-10:45
 OA 307  HER  ATH 11:20-12:10
 OA 31  LRS  ATH 11:20-12:20
 OA 354  ATH  JTR 10:10-10:55
 OA 355  JTR  ATH 11:35-12:20
 OA 356  ATH  JTR 11:55-12:40
 OA 357  JTR  ATH 13:15-14:00
OA 374  ATH  JMK 10:45-11:20
 OA 375  JMK  ATH 11:55-12:35
 OA 70  ATH  PAS 10:35-11:15
 OA 71  PAS  ATH 11:40-12:20
 OA 80  SKG  JKH 15:05-16:15
 OA  81  JKH  SKG 10:20-11:30
 OA 84  SKG  KLX 11:55-13:00
 OA  85  KLX  SKG 13:25-14:35
 OA  903  LCA  ATH 10:30-12:15
 OA  912  ATH  LCA  10:35-12:15
Marseille’s strike extends to Corsica: prepare for delayed and cancelled flights
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Marseille’s strike extends to Corsica: prepare for delayed and cancelled flights