Regulation 261/2004 is what allows air passengers to claim compensations for their flight disruptions. Apparently, according to an European Parliament briefing, enhanced and uniform sanctions are needed for its better enforcement.

Currently, flights are tracked via radars. This is a bit of an issue, since those don’t cover the oceans. However, 10 new satellites that were launched Friday mark the culmination of a $3 billion effort to replace 66 aging communication satellites – and to enable worldwide tracking of planes.

On Wednesday, an easyJet flight to Manchester was supposed to take off from Morocco… but it was delayed for 24 hours due to technical issue, during which time passengers had to get off the plane twice. Seems like fertile ground for a flight delay compensation claim!

Passengers rights - Skycop

Ryanair has told it’s investors that the profits are going to be around €100m lower than expected for the financial year that ends in March 2019… which speaks of how bad this period is for budget airlines, especially the recently bought out Flybe.

An Australian family was forced to experience what it feels when overbooking happens – yet you don’t get booted of the plane. The family was forced to sit on the floor on their flight to Menorca – and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

A Germany-based Syriac traveler was humiliated by British Airways staff at heathrow as the employee refused to accept their documents on the account of not knowing French or German. Apparently, Brexit is coming faster than we thought!

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