Snowstorms continue to terrorize passengers. Last week, an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Victoria was stuck on the tarmac at Toronto Pearson Airport for almost seven hours, trapping the travelers inside.  The passengers weren’t informed about the status of the flight. Overall, the storm has caused more than 2,000 cancellations across the US. 

Brexit has more potential than even snow to mess with people’s flights. Last week, Romanian carrier Blue Air cancelled all of its flights at Liverpool as uncertainty over the split from EU continues.

Remember what a fun summer Ryanair had last year with all those strikes? Well, the airline predicts even more disruptions this summer. Part of it is going to result from air control staffing shortages!

On February 13, Brussels Airlines cancelled a total of 222 flights, affecting around 16,000 passengers. The reason? Support staff and air traffic controllers were on strike. Wait, where have I heard about those controllers before…

Connecting flights are cheaper than non-stop flights. Some people use this to game the system and gain cheaper flights by just cancelling the last leg of the trip. At least, that’s what Lufthansa claimed as it sued a customer last week.

Overbooking comes from airlines being allowed to sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane (with hopes that some people won’t show up). However, insiders at Air Canada claim that the staff is trained to lie to passengers risking denied boarding due to overbooking to keep them hooked till the last moment.

Biggest Flight Disruptions Of The Week | 02.15
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Biggest Flight Disruptions Of The Week | 02.15