We’ve written about the sordid history of flight attendants before. But did you know that putting on make-up is still considered part of their duties? Well, we all became aware of that when Virgin Atlantic announced that their flight attendants will no longer be required to wear make-up on the job. 

So you probably already know that airlines should take care of you in case of flight disruption, flight’s claimability be damned. But this pilot takes the cake – or at least a slice of pizza that he ordered for his passengers stuck on the plane with him.

While British Airways is improving its First Class servings, Qatar is unveiling its new offerings for economy flyers. For one, they have shown a new economy seat that will be installed into their new Airbus planes – with plans to retrofit the entire fleet. Meanwhile, their “Quisine” idea is all about “generous portions”of meals: a 20% increase in the size of appetizers, 25% in main courses – and a whopping 50% increase in desserts.

Travel in Asia is about to become a lot more digital. AirAsia that it will found capital fund for startups that would create a “travel technology ecosystem” in Southeast Asia. Expect a lot of mentions of blockchain in the near future.

New research shows that 56% of British holidaymakers would not go on mini-breaks over the difficulty of post-Brexit travel. Repeat the joke about people voting against freedom of movement!

JetBlue is being cheeky with its announcements – and their future plans might be beneficial to Europeans. The airline hints at new Transatlantic routes to London! 

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