Freezing temperatures are playing havoc around the Northern hemisphere. On Thursday alone, 2600 flights were cancelled in the US. Flights in the UK weren’t spared either.

Flight disruptions would be a little easier to handle if we could know of them beforehand. That’s why Google is working on an app that predicts disruptions based on historical data. It’s probably not that great at forecasting once-in-a-generation blizzards.

Photo by Jim Bauer. Distributed under CC BY-ND 2.0

In 2018, several airlines hit the dust, sometimes leaving both their passengers and crews out to dry. However, at least one airline is actually reporting growth. Eurowings boasts that it has increased the fleet, their presence at airports and passenger numbers.

Flybe still allows you to take two bags – one of them smaller than the regular carry-on – into the cabin for free. However, the airline has started enforcing zero tolerance on these rules, which caught passengers by surprise – especially when they might run into some minor differences between Flybe and competitors’ allowances! 

Bahrain is considering sinking a Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Why? To make the world’s biggest underwater park, of course! The park will also feature sculptures, a replica Bahraini pearl merchant’s house, and artificial coral reefs (possibly made from sunk Saudi tanks).

A tiny bit of rebranding hits France. HOP!, voted Rabbitdom’s Favorite Airline for five years running, will now be called Air France HOP to strengthen the brand identity. I for one welcome the removal of annoying punctuation marks from titles of airlines.

In other news, Turkish courts have rules that Turkish Airline will have to pay compensations to 12 laid-off employees. Turns out, firing your staff because they joined a new trade union isn’t cool. One wonders if Turkish Airline is now open strikes just like Ryanair is!

The Biggest Flight Disruptions This Week | 02.01
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