An American Airlines pilot was arrested in Manchester, United Kingdom, for nearly flying-under-influence. It happened on February 7, minutes before take-off. The flight was cancelled and the passengers were rebooked.

As FlyBe shareholders are receiving warnings that the airline will close unless Virgin Atlantic buys it, CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener is a lot more optimistic. “Flybe is here to stay. We will welcome you in the future. Fly Flybe and we’ll be there in 40 years,” he told The Independent. “Our role is to connect the regions of the UK, between each other but also to the rest of the world.”

Daniel Tsai from Toronto is fighting Air Canada after it refused to go through with their promise of an $800 voucher for Tsai giving up his seat on an overbooked flight from Vancouver to Toronto. Instead, they mailed him a promotion code for a 15% discount on a future flight. “It was like reading a Donald Trump tweet,” Tsai told the press. “It didn’t make any sense. Just bafflement. And, yes, I was angry.”

As European Aviation Safety Agency placed Turkmenistan Airlines on their blacklist last week, the airline’s flights started getting cancelled. According to the press, it stranded 5000 Britons in India as their return flight was with Turkmenistan. 

Flight delays can get especially nasty if they’re delayed when passengers are already on board. For example, a Ryanair flight from Prague, the Czech Republic, to Madrid stranded passengers for six hours without food, water or information. They also claim they had to brave temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius.

On January 30th, Airbus was attacked by hackers. Now, the company can say that it was done by the Chinese hacker group APT 10 that is linked to the Chinese intelligence services.

Holiday operator Thomas Cook is looking into selling its airline. Apparently, Thomas Cook Airlines is being sold (whole or in parts) because the group wants to “enhance value to shareholders and intensify our strategic focus.”

Not a very great week for pilots: British Airways sacked 5 pilots after their investigation uncovered a senior captain using the N word when talking about a colleague, another pilot was found to have sent a photo of a man having sex with a chicken and the whole lot were sharing images from controversial TV show Black and White Minstrel Show.

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