A Laudamotion flight aborted takeoff on the runway at Standsted on Friday, leading to 13 cancelled or delayed flights. A few passengers were lightly injured when evacuating the plane.

A Laudamotion Airbus A320 about to take off for Vienna suffered major issues with an engine. This prompted the crew to abort the flight and evacuate the plane via chutes. Of the 169 passengers, 8 suffered light injuries, which is not unusual for this kind of evacuation. However, the plane blocked the runway for two-and-a-half hours, causing 13 other delayed or cancelled flights.

As always, air passengers suffering from similar cancelled or delayed flights should know that they have rights granted to them under Regulation (EC) 261/2004. The airline has to provide you with free meals and drinks. You should also be allowed to make two free calls, use e-mail or send a free fax. If you have to wait for the flight for one or more nights, the carrier has to provide you with free accommodation at a hotel, including transport to/from the airport. In case they’re unable/unwilling to do this, save the receipts: all “rational” expenses (no VIP penthouses, caviar or limos) should be refunded afterwards. Read more here.

However, only the one Laudamotion flight is eligible for a flight compensation claim. The engine trouble is something that Laudamotion is responsible for, what with being the airline doing the maintenance. However, the passengers of the 13 disrupted flights can’t claim compensation, as the disruption wasn’t the fault of their respective carriers.

For the Laudamotion passengers, this means that they can get up to €250 in cancelled flight compensation! For more information about flight cancellation compensation (heh, it rhymes), check here.

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