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On average, every month 30 000 of flights are cancelled globally. Moreover, the number of flights which are being delayed every day is 20 times higher! A lot of these disruptions could be avoided if only airlines cared about their passengers as much as they care about their impressive revenues.

That’s why Skycop has embarked on a mission to make sure that every single passenger, whose flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked, gets their due compensation from the airlines. Our team of highly trained professionals with 10+ years of experience in aviation business are here to help you receive your compensation in the fastest and most hassle-free way possible

self-claims are approved by airlines.
euros owned to passengers by European airlines.
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Disrupted flights mean inconvenience not only to passengers but also to airports and everybody, who's works relates on airlines being there on time.

Air passengers

1 out of 10 air passengers experience serious flight disruptions at least once in a lifetime. ~ 95% of them do not receive any compensation because of the bureaucratic barriers that airlines build in front of them.
Just fill in the claim form and let us deal with all the airlines' excuses and tricks!

Travel agencies

We know perfectly well that every single one of your trips is important. Unfortunately, it can be very easily disrupted because of the airline's actions.
Right now about €3 billion has never been paid to the passengers who were at some point in their lives left stuck in the airport having to make last minute alterations to their plans. Together we can help them receive the compensation they deserve.

Enjoy your increased revenue

Every disrupted flight means extra inconvenience for EVERYBODY in the airport. It spells longer queues for passengers, more work for employees and increased security issues. All of that translates into extra money spent on maintaining peace and order in airports.
Claim some of that money back by helping us to help air passengers.

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