Prepaid Skycop Care package gives you full access to our service - commission free.

Whether your flight will be delayed, cancelled or overbooked, no more uncertainty on how to turn your worries into money. If such flight will be eligible for compensation, we will get it – at no additional charge!

Now only €1.99 per traveller!

Choose the best plan for you

Depending on your travel habits and flying routine, you can choose the best plan from our extended portfolio - the one which will be suitable just for you. Just pick the one that matches your criteria and get complete peace of mind during your next travel.

3-months plan

€4.33 per person / per month
Save 0 %
  • Unlimited flights for 3 months
  • Claiming priority
  • Premium support & assistance
  • 0% remuneration fee
  • Billed every 3 months - €12.99
  • Price for 1 year - €51.96
Best Value Offer

1-year plan

€1.99 per person / per month
Save 54 %
  • Unlimited flights for 12 months
  • Claiming priority
  • Premium support & assistance
  • 0% remuneration fee
  • Billed every year - €23.88

6-months plan

€3.98 per person / per month
Save 8 %
  • Unlimited flights for 6 months
  • Claiming priority
  • Premium support & assistance
  • 0% remuneration fee
  • Billed every 6 months - €23.88
  • Price for 1 year - €47.76

Exclusive benefits for our most special members

Claiming priority

No queue for a claim submission – Skycop Care members are the first ones our team starts working with.

Premium support & assistance

Get an exclusive assistance during your compensation remuneration process – from the moment of claim submission till the money will reach your account.

€0 remuneration fee

Just relax and watch – we will fight to get you up to €600 in disrupted flight compensation at no additional charge.

Compare flight protection

Qualified counceling services
Full legal assistance
Easy 3-step claiming process
Unlimited flight protection
Claiming priority
Premium support & assistance
Compensation amount
Service fee
Best Option
Skycop Care membership
Annual, 3-months, 6-months
€250 - €600
Without Skycop Care membership
€250 - €600
From €75 to €300+ (plus applicable VAT) *
* Check our Price List

Skycop Care FAQ

What is the difference between purchasing a Skycop Care membership and claiming for a disrupted flight compensation by filling in the form via Skycop website?

Skycop Care membership is designated to protect your flights in advance. You still can claim for a disrupted flight compensation which had happened before you became a Skycop Care member and we will do everything to get you the money from the airline. An usual fee will apply and if we won’t win, you still won’t have to pay anything. No upfront payments either.

When you’ll face a flight disruption after purchasing Skycop Care membership, you will have to fill in the claim form the usual way. However, we will start working on your claim immediately as Skycop Care members are our top priority. And, if your flight is eligible for a compensation, we will get it at no additional charge – up to €600 for every flight. Yes, that’s right: we will work with unlimited number of claims for free – as long as you are subscribed to Skycop Care.

How can I purchase Skycop Care membership? How often should I pay for it to be renewed?

By clicking “Purchase Now” you will be directed to a Skycop Care purchase page where you will have to enter your payment details only once – after you’ll complete the purchase, wait for confirmation stating that you have become a Skycop Care member. Skycop Care membership as a yearly, semi-yearly or quarterly subscription will respectively be billed yearly, semi-yearly or quarterly, and shall be automatically renewed for one year, six months or three months – until you decide to cancel your membership.

Cancelled subscription will remain active for the duration of the period for which you have already paid. See Skycop Care Membership Terms and Conditions for more details.

Can I purchase Skycop Care membership for a friend or family member?

Yes, you can! When purchasing a subscription for a quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly Skycop Care membership, you can specify the number of passengers to which Skycop Care benefits will apply, regardless of whether you travel together or separately. Membership Terms and Conditions will provide you with more details.

I already have purchased Skycop Care membership when booking a holiday through my holiday agent. Am I still entitled to all of its benefits?

Yes, as Skycop Care membership can be purchased either directly from Skycop or through one of our partners. In the latter case all your flights are still covered by our service under the same conditions.

I changed my mind after purchasing a yearly Skycop Care subscription. Can I cancel it and get my money back?

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can withdraw your subscription if you qualify as consumer pursuant to EU-consumer regulations. In such a case you can do so in 14 days from the purchase without the need to specify any reasons. To withdraw your membership and receive a full refund, you must contact us within a 14-day period from the purchase (preferably by sending an e-mail to [email protected]) and clearly stating your intention.

Can I still withdraw my membership within a 14-day period if I already took a journey by plane?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service provided by Skycop Care, you can’t withdraw from Skycop Care membership if you have already been travelling on any flights covered by it.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Skycop is rated “Great” on Trustpilot

Absolutely the best service

We Can only give our highest recommendation to skycop 😊

Heidi Aaby Vilhelmsen


Excellent service

High recommend. Just 1 week and I get the money from Ryanair Thank you skycop

Julija Danilceva

United Kingdom

Highly recommended!

No waste of time for the preparation of the papers. Some clicks, signatures and wait for your refund.

Nika Faininovna


I used this company to claim compensation for cancelled flight

I used this company to claim compensation for a canceled flight with a local Norwegian flight company and I am very satisfied of the communication and I confirm that I just received the compensation. There is another flight company that makes another claim process too long, but I am sure Skycop can handle it. I recommend Skycop as they are very professional and available for any questions.

Gogo Stanoevski


It actually works

I wasn't sure if it was going to work as I missed a pretty short connection but it did. Thanks Skycop for the attention.

Hope that in the future they can have missing baggage claims as well.



Just when I lost hope!

It took some time , but this is what I was told in advance . Very professional . I am completely satisfied and gratefull

Igor Spalatin


Only positive experience and a surprising result!

It was an unexpectedly positive experience. I thought there was no chance to get the compensation for my family, as the cost for the flight tickets was relatively low. Airlines gave a negative response and Skycop turned it to positive in 3 months. Thank you Skycop for great cooperation, smooth communication and benefiting to coming vacation.



They give all explanations about the…

They give all explanations about the process is very simple, and they keep their professional job, may take some time but is because the flight companies. Thank for all help and for hard work 👍🏼

Ivan Atova