Skycop Care Membership

1. General provisions

All capitalised terms provided herein are described in detail in Skycop Terms and Conditions of Services.

2. Skycop Care Membership Terms and Conditions

2.1. A Client can join Skycop Care Membership by purchasing it.

2.2. Skycop Care Membership price will be provided to the Client at the time of the purchase, which the Client has to pay in order to become a Member and enjoy the benefits specified herein.

2.3. Skycop offers Skycop Care Membership as a per-booking subscription. Skycop Care Membership will cover Claims that originate from the booking for which the Client purchased Skycop Care Membership.

2.4. Skycop Care Membership commences on the day of purchase.

2.5. Upon acceptance of the purchase the Member will receive a confirmation.

2.6. For the Members, Skycop will waive its remuneration (if applicable) for pursuing the Claim and recovery of the Flight Compensation for the booking that is covered by Skycop Care Membership.

2.7. Benefits are personal and apply only to the Member, which means that the Member has to be named as a passenger in the booking, and to a certain number of passengers (as set out in the confirmation email) if they are included in the same booking as the Member.

2.8. Skycop remuneration will not be refunded to the Member for bookings, which originate from flights that were disrupted prior to the commencement of Skycop Care Membership.

2.9. Skycop Care Membership is non-transferable. The Member must promptly notify Skycop upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of the Membership.

2.10. Members, who qualify as consumers pursuant to EU-consumer regulations, can withdraw their Membership within 14 days from the purchase without the need to specify any reasons. To exercise the right to withdrawal and receive a full refund, the withdrawal must be communicated within a 14-day period from the purchase and it must clearly state that the Member wishes to withdraw from Skycop Care Membership. Due to the nature of the service provided to the Member, the Member cannot withdraw from Skycop Care Membership if the Member has been travelling on any flights covered by the Membership. The withdrawal can be sent to: [email protected]

2.11. If cancellation is received by Skycop more than 14 days after the purchase of Skycop Care Membership, the Member will not be entitled to any refund of Skycop Care Membership price.

2.12. Skycop Care Membership price is not refunded if the Member‘s flight was not disrupted or the Member did not use Skycop services, or the Flight compensation was not recovered for any reason.

2.13. The Member shall file the Claim to Skycop within 12 months from the moment of the flight for which Skycop Care Membership was purchased. Skycop Care Membership expires after 12 months from the flight for which Skycop Care Membership was purchased.

2.14. Once Skycop Care Membership is cancelled or expired, Skycop will no longer waive its remuneration.

2.15. Skycop reserves the right to refuse Skycop Care Membership to any person.

2.16. When filing the Claim to Skycop, the Member shall provide a proof of purchase of Skycop Care Membership (e.g. booking confirmation).

Updated – 24-04-2020