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Was Your Turkish Airlines Flight Disrupted? Turkish Airlines Compensation

You can get up to €600 compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines (TK) is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey. As of 2017, it operates scheduled services to 302 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the America’s, making it the largest carrier in the world by number of destinations (excluding regional brands). It serves more destinations non-stop from a single airport than any other airline in Europe. Turkish Airlines flies to 120 countries, more than any other airline. The airline was established on May 1933. Turkish airlines main shareholders are İlker Aycı (Chairman of the board) and Bilal Ekşi (Deputy chairman and CEO).

City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey

When Are You Entitled To Turkish Airlines Flight Compensation?

Flight Disruptions

Under specific conditions and limitations, you could be eligible for Turkish Airlines flight compensation in the event of flight disruptions, including cancellations, delays, and denied boarding due to reasons within the airline’s control, such as overbooking.

Schedule Change

If Turkish Airlines modifies your flight schedule without providing timely notification, you may have the right to receive compensation for the inconvenience caused. The same is true if the Turkish airlines changing flight results in a significant delay or a missed connection.

Flight Cancellations

Under the provisions of Regulation (EC) 261/2004, passengers traveling on Turkish Airlines flights departing from or arriving at an EU airport have the right to claim compensation if Turkish Airlines cancelled flights without prior notification.

Extraordinary Circumstances

In the event that your Turkish Airlines flight is disrupted due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the airline, such as severe weather or air traffic control strikes, you may not be eligible for compensation.

Turkish Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation

Aviation encompasses numerous (literally or metaphorically) moving components that inevitably lead to occasional delays, despite airlines’ diligent efforts to prevent them. Hence, flight delays can still disrupt your plans. This is precisely why Skycop is here to assist you in obtaining compensation from the airlines!

Under Regulation (EC) 261/2004, airlines are mandated to establish channels through which passengers can request compensation. However, it’s important to note that these channels may not always be readily accessible or user-friendly. Therefore, it is advisable to consider seeking Turkish Airlines delay compensation through Skycop. Simply provide your flight details, and our system will offer a preliminary evaluation to determine if your flight is eligible for compensation and the corresponding amount you may be entitled to. By entrusting the process to our team of experienced professionals, you can avoid dealing with complex legal terminology and uncooperative airlines.

Nevertheless, several factors determine whether you qualify for delayed flight compensation. According to the regulation, the delay must be attributed to the airline’s fault for your claim to be valid. Additionally, the airline may present you with a voucher or a similar alternative, often requiring you to relinquish your right to receive Turkish Airlines delay compensation. It is crucial not to accept such offers. Instead, input your flight details on our website to ascertain if your flight meets the criteria for compensation.

If your delayed flight meets the requirements for compensation, you only need to provide essential details such as your flight number and email address to complete the claim process.

Experienced Delayed Flights With Turkish Airlines?

Claim compensation for a disrupted, delayed or cancelled flight up to three years old and get up to €600!

Turkish Airlines Cancelled Flights Compensation

Flights experience delays and cancellations, and Turkish Airlines is no exception to this reality. Turkish Airlines cancelled flights are not uncommon occurrences. There are various reasons why cancellations can occur. In such situations, Regulation (EC) 261/2004 imposes an obligation on Turkish Airlines to either provide an alternative flight at no additional cost to you or allow you to arrange your own rerouting. However, it is important to note that certain airlines may impose conditions on these options. Nevertheless, this is the intended course of action. If you are dissatisfied with the rerouting offered, you have the option to make your own arrangements through the airline’s website. Keep in mind that if you choose a more expensive alternative, you will be responsible for paying the price difference, as well as handling charges and rebooking fees.

It is crucial to understand that the same regulation also states that if Turkish Airlines cancels your flight without providing a 14-day notice or a rebooking option, you have the right to claim flight compensation. EC261 mandates that airlines must establish channels for passengers to claim compensation. However, accessing these channels may not be straightforward, and airlines may be reluctant to fulfill their obligations. This is where Skycop comes into the picture.

By submitting a claim for a canceled flight through Skycop, you delegate the arduous process of obtaining compensation to our team of professionals. We will handle everything that the airline throws our way. We are well-versed in the law and possess extensive experience in advocating for passenger rights against airlines.

However, it is important to be aware of exceptions referred to as “extraordinary circumstances” when it comes to paying compensation. The Turkish Airlines cancellation policy specifies that if the cancellation is attributed to factors beyond the control of the airline, such as severe weather, airport strikes, or acts of war, Turkish Airlines may not be obligated to provide compensation. Nevertheless, in many cases, it is less clear-cut, and an airline may attempt to avoid its financial responsibilities even when compensation should rightfully be provided.

To determine your eligibility for compensation, including the potential amount, simply check your flight details on Skycop.com. Our system will conduct a preliminary assessment to determine your flight’s eligibility for compensation and its magnitude. Once you submit a claim for flight compensation via Skycop, our professional team will handle all aspects of the process, allowing you to relax and await the outcome.

Turkish Airlines Surprised You With Flight Cancellation?

Claim up to €600 compensation for cancelled flight from within the last three years.

Denied Boarding Compensation

Denied boarding compensation refers to a type of compensation that is offered to passengers who experience the unfortunate situation of being denied boarding on a flight. This can occur due to factors like overbooking or other reasons that fall under the airline’s responsibility. However, it is important to note that certain conditions and limitations apply to such compensation. Passengers who meet the criteria for eligibility may be entitled to receive a Turkish Airlines refund or be provided with alternative travel arrangements. Additionally, they may also receive compensation to address any inconveniences or expenses they may have incurred as a result of being denied boarding. The specific amount of compensation can vary and is influenced by factors such as the duration of the delay and the distance of the flight.

Why Claim Flight Compensation With Skycop?

The law requires airlines to create channels where passengers can ask for compensation. However, the process isn't necessarily easy or fast. But claiming flight compensation via Skycop is quick and painless:

Quick And Easy

It will only take you 3 minutes to file a Turkish Airlines claim – we’ll take care of all the other stuff.

No Financial Risk

If we don’t win your case, you won’t need to pay. No upfront payments either!

Claim Old Flights

Depending on regulation, you can claim compensation for flights disrupted up to 3 years ago.

So Claim Flight Compensation Via Skycop Today!

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What Should I Do When My Turkish Airlines Flight Is Disrupted?

1. Check the flight status on the Turkish Airlines website or mobile app for updates.

2. Contact Turkish Airlines customer service for information.

3. Gather all necessary documentation, such as your flight booking confirmation and boarding pass, to support any compensation claims.

4. Consider reaching out to a professional claims management company or legal expert for guidance.

Turkish Airlines Compensation Policies And Procedures

Passengers who experience flight disruptions may be eligible for compensation under specific conditions and limitations. To initiate the process, passengers have the option to submit their Turkish Airlines compensation claim through the airline’s website or by reaching out to their customer service department.