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Air Canada Compensation - Claim for Your Air Canada Flight Delay or Cancellation Now!

You can get up to €600 in Air Canada compensation for a delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight.

Air Canada

AirCanada (AC) is Canada‘s flagship carrier and the largest airline in the country. As a member of the Star Alliance and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), AirCanada is dedicated to maintaining high standards and providing exceptional service to its customers. 

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Air Canada Compensation for Flight Delays and Cancellations

Flight delays and cancellations are an unpleasant reality of air travel. Fortunately, EU regulations protect your rights and ensure you receive proper compensation. If Air Canada cancels your flight then compensation is available.

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When Are You Entitled To Air Canada Flight Compensation?

You are eligible for Air Canada flight compensation in the following situations.

Flight Disruptions

Flight disruptions include flight delays, cancellations, luggage disruptions and denied boarding.

To receive Air Canada late flight compensation, your flight must be delayed by at least 3 hours. In this case, you’re also eligible for an Air Canada delayed flight refund.

Air Canada also offers compensation for an overbooked flight. So, if you’re denied boarding due to overbooking, you’re also entitled to Air Canada overbooking compensation.

According to the Montreal Convention, if lost luggage hasn’t arrived within 21 days of the planned arrival date, passengers receive up to €1,620 in Air Canada compensation for delayed baggage.

Schedule Change

If the airline changed your flight schedule less than 14 days’ before the departure date, you’re entitled to compensation.

Flight Cancellations

If you had an Air Canada flight cancellation you can claim compensation if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure.
  • The cancellation occurred less than 1 year ago.
  • Arrival was delayed by more than 3 hours.

If Air Canada cancels your flight, you can rebook another flight or opt for an Air Canada flight refund.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Extraordinary circumstances are circumstances out of the airline’s control such as weather conditions or political instability. In these situations, you cannot claim Air Canada compensation.

Claim Air Canada Flight Delay Compensation

Experienced Delayed Flights With Air Canada?

Submit an Air Canada claim to request delay compensation. Provide all relevant information on an Air Canada flight delay compensation form.

After you submit your claim, wait for a response from Air Canada. If you experience a flight delay and want to be reimbursed for the ticket cost, contact Air Canada for a claim refund.

Understanding aircraft delay rights is crucial to ensure fair compensation. If you need help understanding your rights, contact Skycop’s aviation law experts. They’ll provide you with the necessary aircraft delay compensation guidelines.

Claim Air Canada Flight Cancellation Compensation

Did Air Canada Surprise You With a Flight Cancellation?

To receive Air Canada compensation for a cancelled flight, first submit an Air Canada flight cancellation claim form. Then, your flight disruption claim with Air Canada will go under review for an indefinite time. This airline will reach out when they make a decision.

Claiming compensation for airline problems can be a hassle. Skycop can manage your Air Canada flight cancellation claim and inform you of any progress on your claim. making sure you receive the proper Air Canada flight disruption compensation.

Claiming Compensation for Disrupted Air Canada Flights with Skycop

Follow these steps to receive proper Air Canada passenger compensation:

 1. Register on Skycop

Create an account on Skycop. Enter your email, create a password and agree to Skycop’s terms and conditions.

2. Provide Flight Details

You must provide the following information:

  • Flight itinerary details
  • Type of disruption, delay time and advance notice given.
  • Reason for the cancellation (if the airline provided one)
  • A brief explanation of your situation.

3. Upload Required Documents

To verify your Air Canada claim, you must submit proof of flight reservation. You might also need to provide a copy of your identity document, the airline’s delay notification or your communication records.

4. Track Claim Progress

Sign into your account to view the progress of your Air Canada flight cancellation claim or Air Canada flight delay compensation claim.

How Much Flight Compensation Can You Expect from Air Canada?

Flight compensation is paid according to delay time: 

  • 3 – 6 hour arrival delay – CAD 400
  • 6 – 9  hour arrival delayCAD 700
  • 9+  hour arrival delayCAD 1,000

During a flight disruption, Air Canada will provide meals if:

  • You receive less than 12 hours’ cancellation notice.
  • You’ve waited 2 hours past the planned departure.

Air Canada will provide accommodation and transportation to/from your hotel.

Why Claim Flight Compensation With Skycop?

Quick And Easy

Aircraft delay reimbursement can be stressful. Airlines have slow response times and regulations are complicated. To avoid the stress and confusion of dealing with Air Canada, let Skycop help. Submit your claim information to Skycop in just 5 minutes and we’ll handle the rest.

No Financial Risk

There is zero risk to using Skycop. If the airline rejects your claim, Skycop doesn’t ask for a fee. 

Claim Old Flights

If you have an old claim that was rejected, we can try to get compensation for you. We’ll contact the airline again and fight for your passenger rights.

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