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Luxair Compensation - Claim for Your Luxair Flight Delay or Cancellation Now!

You can get up to €600 in Luxair compensation for a delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight.

IATA 149

Luxair (LG) is the national flag carrier and largest airline of Luxembourg. It offers flights to over 80 destinations in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia, including both business and leisure destinations. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance and the International Air Transport Association, ensuring high quality and safe travel for its customers. Luxair‘s IATA code LG is inherited from its predecessor, Luxembourg Airlines. In 1999, the airline became a subsidiary of Lufthansa, which currently holds a majority stake in the company.

City: Sandweiler

Country: Luxembourg

When Are You Entitled To Luxair Flight Compensation?

Flight Disruptions

You can claim Luxair compensation when the airline disrupts your flight due to reasons within their control.

Schedule Change

Abrupt changes can disrupt travel plans, making it essential for passengers to know their rights. If Luxair alters your flight timing without adequate notice, compensation may be due. 

Flight Cancellations

Should Luxair cancel your flight without giving at least a 14-day warning, you have a right to compensation.

Extraordinary Circumstances

In situations beyond Luxair’s control, such as severe weather or political instability, compensation claims might not be valid.

Luxair Delayed Flight Compensation

Aviation complexities mean delays are inevitable, even with Luxair’s best efforts. Skycop assists passengers in claiming Luxair delay compensation under Regulation (EC) 261/2004. While airlines are mandated to provide compensation channels, they aren’t always user-friendly. 

By inputting your flight details on Skycop, you get an instant eligibility check for compensation. Our experts handle the intricate processes, sparing you from legal complexities and hesitant airlines. It’s essential to note that the delay must be Luxair’s fault for a valid claim. Airlines might offer vouchers, often waiving your compensation rights – be cautious. Simply input your details on Skycop, and if eligible, our team ensures you receive your due Luxair delayed flight compensation.

Experienced Delayed Flights With Luxair?

Seek up to €600 in Luxair compensation for flights disrupted, delayed, or cancelled within the past three years!

Luxair Cancelled Flights Compensation

Luxair flights can occasionally be delayed or cancelled. If you’ve experienced this, Regulation (EC) 261/2004 ensures Luxair provides an alternative flight or a refund. If the alternative isn’t satisfactory, you can rebook yourself, though additional costs may apply. If Luxair cancels without a 14-day notice, you’re entitled to Luxair cancelled flight compensation. While airlines offer channels for claims, they can be cumbersome. 

Skycop simplifies this process. Our experts navigate the intricacies, ensuring rightful Luxair cancelled flight compensation. Some exceptions, like severe weather or strikes, exempt Luxair from compensating. Yet, airlines sometimes avoid rightful payments. Verify your flight on Skycop.com, and our team will manage the rest, letting you await the outcome stress-free.

Luxair Surprised You With Flight Cancellation?

Seek compensation of up to €600 for a Luxair flight cancellation over the past three years.

Why Claim Flight Compensation With Skycop?

Quick And Easy

Submit a claim in only 3 minutes, and let us handle everything thereafter.

No Financial Risk

Pay nothing if we don’t succeed in your case. Absolutely no initial charges!

Claim Old Flights

Regulations allow you to claim compensation for flight disruptions up to 3 years ago.

So Claim Flight Compensation Via Skycop Today!

What Our Clients Say About Us

I used this company to claim compensation for cancelled flight

I used this company to claim compensation for a canceled flight with a local Norwegian flight company and I am very satisfied of the communication and I confirm that I just received the compensation. There is another flight company that makes another claim process too long, but I am sure Skycop can handle it. I recommend Skycop as they are very professional and available for any questions.

Gogo Stanoevski


Absolutely the best service

We Can only give our highest recommendation to skycop ?

Heidi Aaby Vilhelmsen


Excellent service

High recommend. Just 1 week and I get the money from Ryanair Thank you skycop

Julija Danilceva

United Kingdom

Just when I lost hope!

It took some time , but this is what I was told in advance . Very professional . I am completely satisfied and gratefull

Igor Spalatin


It actually works

I wasn't sure if it was going to work as I missed a pretty short connection but it did. Thanks Skycop for the attention. Hope that in the future they can have missing baggage claims as well.



Highly recommended!

No waste of time for the preparation of the papers. Some clicks, signatures and wait for your refund.

Nika Faininovna


Only positive experience and a surprising result!

It was an unexpectedly positive experience. I thought there was no chance to get the compensation for my family, as the cost for the flight tickets was relatively low. Airlines gave a negative response and Skycop turned it to positive in 3 months. Thank you Skycop for great cooperation, smooth communication and benefiting to coming vacation.



They give all explanations about the…

They give all explanations about the process is very simple, and they keep their professional job, may take some time but is because the flight companies. Thank for all help and for hard work ??

Ivan Atova


What Should I Do When My Luxair Flight Is Disrupted?

When facing disruptions with your Luxair flight, follow these crucial steps:

1. Verify the flight’s current status and liaise with customer support for alternative flight arrangements or Luxair cancellation policy.

2. Collect vital documents like your flight confirmation and boarding pass, and retain any receipts for unforeseen costs.

3. Think about consulting with a claims specialist firm like Skycop to navigate the compensation claim process efficiently.

Steps To Claim Compensation

Gather Necessary Documentation

Have your flight confirmation, boarding pass, and any pertinent evidence or receipts related to the disruption on hand.

Submit A Compensation Claim

Complete the airline’s designated compensation form or reach out to their support team detailing the disruption.

Follow Up On The Claim Status

Consistently monitor your email, the airline’s online platform, or contact their customer service to keep track of your claim’s status.

Tips For A Successful Compensation Claim

Keep Detailed Records Of The Disruption

Note down precise timings, explanations provided, and any interactions or proposals from the airline.

Follow The Airline’s Guidelines And Instructions

Familiarise yourself with and follow their particular claim submission procedures to prevent potential setbacks or denials.

Seek Assistance From Passenger Rights Organisations, If Necessary

Such entities can offer specialised guidance, backing, and occasionally legal aid to guarantee you receive the rightful compensation.

Was Your Flight Disrupted?

Convert your disrupted, cancelled, or overbooked travel into potential compensation worth up to €600!