Having a good vacation need more than just money that you can throw at a travel agent. It requires a lot of serious planning, too. How else will you wring the last drop of fun out of it – instead of the holiday crushing you? That’s why the planning part is vital. So here are some Skycop-approved holiday planning tips for those who don’t want to return from vacation in a desperate need for vacation.

  1. Choose your time wisely

You might feel the inkling that you should plan your vacation around major holidays and school vacation. That slight inkling is wrong and is to disregarded. Everyone wants to plan their vacations on holidays, which means that you’ll be vacationing with everyone else.

So if you want to pay peak prices from the privilege of being barely able to find a free spot on the beach, go right ahead. Travel during the holiday season. On the other hand, if you want to have some breathing space and see some cheaper prices, select a non-standard date. You will still have to check if your vacation time doesn’t fall on some local holiday (or the local hurricane season), but that’s a lot smaller matter than the general timing of your trip.

  1. Budget like it’s hot

A great way to not run out of money like a champ is to plan your expenses in advance. Once you know how much you are able to spend, you can then make more specific plans. Some corners of the world are cheaper than others. You might also be able to snag cheap flights if you plan in advance.

Once you have compared the plane ticket prices, do the same for hotels. Read reviews to get a better picture of what bang you’re getting per buck. Consider choosing a hotel that serves breakfast – that way, you won’t have to go out and buy food at an unfamiliar place. And make sure to exchange cash before you go – that way, you can do it at your pace and at the best price.

  1. Group or Individual?

When considering your vacation, once should also consider if they want to strike it out alone, or do it in a group. And we don’t mean a group of friends – rather, it’s the type of organized tourism that relies on guides leading groups of tourists and so.

This might be a bit difficult to accomplish on the off season, but it’s not impossible. Ask your travel agent about it if you’re employing one to help you with your planning. Do a web search. Individual travel will benefit from you planning out the places you want to see and visit. Try including a few spots away from the beaten path or simply just outside of your comfort zone. It will be more impressive that way.

  1. Keep the most important stuff on you

It’s not really smart to be travelling with valuables and jewelry with you. However, you should take your medication (and recipes) as well as documents with you. In fact, you should have copies of all documents you need on your trip. Health insurance, IDs, itineraries, the plan for your Stockholm pubr crawl – have copies of everything.

On that part, you should really think about what you’ll be packing. Budget airlines are always looking to reduce the amount of carry-on luggage you can take with you. So throw out stuff of doubtful usability. Try wearing the bulkiest of the clothes you can’t do without on yourself.

However, even your best planning can only take you so far if the airline surprises you with a flight disruption. If flight delays, cancellations or overbookings try to rain on your parade, relax and fill a claim with Skycop. Who knows, you might just get flight compensation of up to €600, which could be a nice down payment for the next vacation!

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