1. Airbus Engine Shutdown

Brussel Airlines’ flight from Kinshasa to Brussels was nearly there when one of the engines gave out on November 5th. Well, it did more than that – a loud bang was heard and passengers later reported seeing flames and smoke. Luckily, the crew shut the engine down and the plane – 20nm east of Geneva at that point – managed to reach Brussels 55 bone chilling minutes later.

  1. Embraer Hits… Something

On the other side of the pond, an Envoy Embraer was about to take off from Dallas for Lake Charles when the crew rejected take off, declaring that they hit something on the runway. The plane took off 90 minutes later and landed only 85 minutes late to the destination.

  1. Airbus A320 Eats Birds In Madrid

On November 1st, an Airbus A320 from Iberia took off in Madrid to go towards Dusseldorf… after which one of the engines ingested several birds and emitted five loud bangs, all while climbing. The crew leveled out the plane and landed 15 minutes later.

The passengers were taken to Dusseldorf on a replacement plane. They were late by 9 hours and 15 minutes. As you may know, bird strikes are one of the causes of delays or cancellations that EC 261/2004 does not deem compensation worthy.

  1. Brunei Oil Leak

A Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing 787-800 going from Brunei to London was some 20 nm away from Vienna when one of its engines had to be shut down due to an oil leak. Half an hour later, it landed in Vienna. After this November 7th incident, the plane was reported to still be at the airport 17 hours later.

  1. EReader Catches Fire

On November 8th, an Air Canada Boeing 787-900 was on its merry way from Toronto to Heathrow when a series of unlikely events happened. First, a passenger dropped his eRader into the seat mechanism. Then, said passenger moved the seat, damaging the eReader. This caused the battery to overheat, melting the case and starting up smoke. The crew needed two smoke hoods and to extinguishers to take control of the situation and put the eReader into a Portable Electronic Device Fire Bag, which you are now aware is a thing that exists.

The flight then continued to the destination.

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